The Curse of the Dusk Sun, writing story for competition 108 of @xpilar

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It seems like it took so long for me not to post on the WORLD OF XPILAR community. Since the end of 2020 I didn't make Steem. And just earlier this month I opened a Steem account. And now I'm going to make a post as part of a contest held by @xpilar to create a story based on his digital work.
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The Curse of the Dusk Sun

Once upon a time the Sun was a kind child. He is always diligent in helping others. everyone loves it very much. It doesn't matter whether old or young, children or adults. everyone is very happy with him.

He is always agile and diligent in helping other people's difficulties. if someone is in trouble he will come to help. Every day there is always something good that he does. Often times he immediately helped without being asked. He also never asked for anything in return. He really sincerely helps others.

The benevolence of this Sun made several gods. They feel that their position as a god could be threatened. There will be many people who will not give gifts to them. So they devised a strategy to get rid of the sun.

God of Fire, God of Wind and God of Water gathered to discuss the problem of the sun.

"We must quickly get rid of the Sun," said the God of Fire.

"Yes, more and more people love the sun," said the wind god.

"But what are we going to do?" asked the water god doubtfully.

"We must throw the Sun away from humans."

"Then how?"

"We take the sun far to the west of the ocean. There we will lock it up so that no one knows."

After reaching an agreement they pretended to go to the sun.
They say they are ruled by the god of the sky. They asked the Sun to come to the God of Heaven.

"You are eagerly awaited to help him with a difficult problem."

"How could the gods have such a problem?" Asked the sun.

"We've all tried to help but it didn't work. The only hope is you to solve the problem."

"In order to get to the God of Heaven quickly you must enter this box."

The sun just obeys. he never thought the gods would do bad.
The sun immediately entered the box.
The three gods immediately brought the Sun to the west. There he was placed on an uninhabited island. The island is only surrounded by a very wide sea. It was impossible for humans to reach it.
The gods felt that their ploy had worked. They immediately left the sun.

Meanwhile, the Sun feels that it has been in the box for so long. He began to think he was being tricked by the gods. So he ventured to ask.

"Where am I now?"

No answer.
He asked louder and louder until finally he shouted.

"Wait for my revenge. Tomorrow all day I will burn the sky so that your eyes will feel pain. I will not allow you to feel calm by my anger"

The sun was so angry that his body turned red. Since then, every evening on the western horizon looks bright red.

That all my writing this time. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy it.


Excellent story

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