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RE: Ctenizidae Spider in Aceh Forest

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The length at which some people go to take amazing pictures is always fascinating. It might be that you did this effortlessly but to me its a beauty. I love the colour of the spider and will also like to have a first hand experience with it.


the most important thing is trying to get it, when the weather is hot and rainy, we are always looking for like always traveling between 1 or 3 sometimes 10 people, split up, fellow aceh-team members.👌👍

I find the pictures to be quite amazing 😻. Especially with the care and precession taken with the phone camera.

 3 months ago (edited)


look for the right position, with a leaf background or the like, on the insect that you are going to photograph, well ... you will find something different, while you will learn something you haven't been able to. we will learn, even if it's at home and anywhere, for example like this.



That's my photo, at the coffee shop table, if you can. your can go straight to the forest. look for beetles that don't fly easily.. heheheh 🏃‍♂️😊

Yeah yeah sure sure I will do that immediately and see the results I will get.
Thanks for the mini tutorial though 😂

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