The Diary Game: July 8, 2020. Nice company.

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The first season of #thediarygame, the game that has been a revolution in Steemit, is close to finishing, but many of us already have the experience for the second season that will really be more competitive. I woke up early, always thanking him for a new day, last night it was quite cold, we changed the baby's diaper twice, which is usually changed when it is already dawn. My children Asier and Darlyne always come to the room in the morning, sometimes they arrive earlier and lie down on the bed, my wife said a prayer when the children entered the room, at the moment I went to brush my teeth and face, at baby we put it in the car and there was calm, take out the flour, salt and the bowl to knead and prepare roasted arepas in the budare, my mother-in-law did me the favor of cooking some scrambled eggs that are very good. She also got up earlier and had already made coffee. 😊🤗


The day was still cold, after we spent the night quite a long time ago, but today the day began to heat up early, it seemed to be very hot, I set the table outside to eat with my wife and children, My in-laws went back to the doctor, because @jorgegaces is still resting, thank God much better unlike Sunday, however he has to continue with the exams to determine what he really has and to send him the diet or the Medicine that he needs, Jorge had breakfast before us because he had to go, he had fun with my mother-in-law and 4 arepas were ready, my wife took the baby out of the car because she was complaining while I filled out my wife's 2 arepas and that of Asier and Darlyne, I put them on the table and knead 2 more arepas, mine. Grab the baby so my wife will start eating because mine was still missing the kids were in the room and I called them to come out to sit at the table for breakfast. While my arepas were already ready but since I was carrying the baby I could not fill them yet, so I sat down with my wife and the children and with the baby on top of me, and at the moment @crissanch arrived, they know that as they will have noticed the He comes often every day to the house, 😁 but the truth is that a day that he does not come is rare! Hahaha I pray being here that I had the baby while I served my breakfast, I did not want to disturb my wife for a quiet breakfast, so @crissanch helped me.

After I finish breakfast I take the baby to the bedroom because I was already sleepy, I was up early, before my wife and I. So in the room he fell asleep and at that moment my mother came to check her bank accounts and to make some transfers because in her house there was a problem with the cantv, which is the company that provides her The Internet, which by the way belongs to the state since it was expropriated, while I was diligently checking my mother's accounts, she was talking to me about various things that have been happening to her and I dedicated myself to listening to her, because she was upset and complaining of my sisters and the problems he has had with them. So let it blow off steam so that it releases all negative charges, it's always good to listen to people to blow off steam,


After reviewing all the accounts to my mother, the baby woke up, and I took him to the kitchen, and we gave my mother coffee and of course she already felt much better. After a while my mother said goodbye because she had several things to do and I prepared to go out to buy some things I needed to eat, I went to the grocery store and bought rice, eggs, butter, flour, cheese, ground meat and some batteries for the controls of the my television and the mother-in-law's.


My wife started making lunch while I already know how to take care of the baby. I prepare the ground meat in sauce, with rice and cooked salad that we had stored in the fridge.


While I was about to finish lunch, the church pastors arrived, who are also my uncles, so they can fix the phones for them just like @julioh78 because they were consuming a lot of megabytes and it was the same case, the background applications and the updates made by programs. We spend a pleasant time with them, they are people who have a lot of wisdom, and always have timely advice to give us.

After they left, I went to bathe with the baby and Asael. We got into the shower and started to cool off from the hot day there, before that the baby was already very sticky, but in the shower he looked excited because he was relaxed, Asier was also very happy that his brother took a bath with us , after we went out it was my wife and Darlyne's turn and I stayed with the baby to put him to sleep.



The baby was already asleep and my mother-in-law making a smoked chorizo ​​empanadas that we bought in the afternoon. And while I was watching television with Asier everything went out and we were in the dark because they told us about the energy. Again thanks to the inefficient government that we have for many years we are with the regularization of electrical energy.

We finished eating, it really was a delight, ground meat patties and chorizo, really tasty to end the night with a full belly and a happy heart. The light ended up being restored at 10:30 at night and I finished turning off the lights and moving the children to their room. And to finish doing some things on the computer and dedicate myself to steemit. Blessings!

Photograph taken with my Huawei Honor 7x phone.


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Очень жаль, что заканчивается первый сезон игры дневников, но жду с нетерпением второго сезона, надеюсь он будет ещё круче.

Конечно! Это действительно будет, не отчаивайтесь и не пропустите новости на @steemitblog

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Nice story and the food looks delicious 👌👍😋😊😊😊

it looks like our meals