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RE: Time for competition "GUESS THE SOUND OF STEEM" (Competition Number 5) You can win 10 STEEM + a 100% upvote on your blog

in WORLD OF XPILAR8 months ago

Ese sonido es muy similar al de una puerta de madera cuando la abren y hay cierto roce entre la cerámica del piso y la puerta al intentar cerrarla. Es mi intento veamos que tal nos va.


Thank you @santamorillo for your participation

Your answer:

This sound is very similar to that of a wooden door when it is opened and there is some friction between the ceramic floor and the door when trying to close it. It is my attempt let's see how it goes.

if your answer is correct it will be decided after The competition ends December 19, 2020 midnight Norwegian time at 24.00

Gracias a ustedes los administradores por cada reto propuesto.

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