Theism is the best self-realization (With My 3D Design)

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By born we all are an Atheist. Whatever we born in a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu family. Until we become capable to realize the existence of our Almighty Creator rationally. Theism is not a theory. Maybe our Holy book describes the existence of our Almighty creator in a religious way, those descriptions can make us an ultimate believer or Theist. Until we realized the existence of our Almighty creator rationally based on the description on our Holy Books.

"Believing in the existence of the Almighty creator by rationally is the core of each and every religion."

"Theism: The Best Realization"


Mr. Dhormonath was born in a Hindu family in Bangladesh. His father worked for an NGO (Non-Government Organization) called World vision Bangladesh. This organization is known as Christain Organization in Bangladesh cause it was founded and funded by the people of the Christain Community all over the world. 95% Colleagues of Dhormonath fathers were Christain. So that Dhormonath grew up in a Christain society with Christain culture.


On the other hand, the maximum school friends of Dhomonath were Muslim. Living in a Hindu family he had to deal with two different religions and cultures. From childhood, he started to know about all three religions, Hindu, Christain & Islam as well. The people of the Hindu religion is Polytheism (They believe in the existence of many God and Goddess) and the people of Christain & Islam religion is Monotheism (They Believe only one God exists). The combination of three religions made him very confused in terms of believing in the existence of the Almighty Creator. The Vogoban, God, or Allah which one is the ultimate creator of us.


When he noticed the follower of Islam demanding Islam is the best religion, follower of Jesus demanding Christain is the best religion and also same for the followers of Hindu religion by that time he becomes more confused. By that time he became very curious to find out the best one. How he will find out the best one, he loved the way living of people the of Christain, Islam as well as Hindu. By lived with three religious people he discovered a combined living ideology for himself. Finding out the best one was very difficult for him.


By this time he passed the Higher Secondary School examination and got admitted into a private university for completing his graduation. He got involved with student politics and as a result, in the middle of 1st-year, he was arrested by the local police for his political activities. Police sent him to jail for anti-government activities.


When Dromonath got the confirmation, it will take more than one year to get the Bail from this case, he became determined to solve the most complicated puzzle in his life. He started reading religious books from every religion. The Holy Bible, Quran, Getta, Beth and tried to find out the common message of all religions. After six months he was very able to find out the common message of those religions.


We have only one creator and believing in the existence of our creator is the core of every religion. He knew it from his childhood and once he became disappointed. If Theism is the ultimate message of every religion, why violence is everywhere, why crime is increasing day by day, why people are telling lies, why people are cheated by, why there is no peace?


If people from every religion believe in the existence of the Almighty Creator, Why not be loyal to their Creator? Why do they not fear the Creator? Why don't they follow the Creator's way of life? What is the exact cause behind it?


Finally Dhormonath able to find out the real cause. Theism is not a theory, it not only a message of Prophet Jesus Christ, Hazrat Mohammad (St:) and Sree Krisha. Theism is the most powerful self-realization. We have to realize the existence of our Almighty creator whatever it is God, Allah, and Vogoban by rationally. We have to realize the existence of our creator by the ultimate creation of our Creator. When our mind able to create a figure of our Creator with his all attributes then we can call ourselves the Theist.

Theism will represent peace if we are able to established Theism rationally.

I'm representing this blog with my creative 3D Design of a Mosque.

Thanks for being with me.

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