Wire sculpture

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Hello everyone!!

Today I am back with my new work that I did with wire. With the lockdown being extended I am not being able to get my hands into the materials I need for my works, so I am using the simple materials to keep on creating arts. Here, today I have created a crane using a single GI wire by manipulating it into the shape without any cuttings. This is an idea that I took from Pinterest but I exactly forgot the name of the artist as it was way to long way back.
GI wires are soft and can be easily manipulated. But there are times when you need to be careful while working with a single wire. Cause a mistake while bending the wire later creates small zig zag line when you straighten it up which won't look much good and the work won't look much interesting.
That's it for today. Hope you all have a good day. ❤️

Materials used
GI wire
Plier to manipulate the wire
Craft wire





This was beautifully done. Try showing some progress shots before the finished piece, Maybe pictures of the materials used also. It helps in making a post authentic. Let me nominate your post for upvote. And let's hope they will consider😊😊😊

Yes, true. Here right now I am posting works resting in my gallery from past few months so I don't have the progress photo. But you know what normally while making sculptures I always forget to take the progress shots as I get so much focused into it that i remember in the end like "oh no, I forgot again" haha. But next time I will surely try to remember it.

Ohhh I get it now. I do forget to take progress shots too. When one is so connected to the work that is in progress, other things doesn't nearly count. I am glad you received the upvote at last. The price of steem has really affected the votes.

Yes that's what I am talking about.
And thankyou for your support.

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