New Contest SUPER MACROPHOTOGRAPHY Week V || Insulated Mushrooms in the Aceh Forest

in WORLD OF XPILAR2 months ago


Hi everybody
today I want to show again a mushroom plant that I found on a tree trunk in the Aceh forest...

I found this mushroom when I was in the Aceh forest, I saw this mushroom in the shadow of a dead or rotten tree, because this fungus often grows or breeds in a place like that...

this mushroom that I found has very many fine hairs on the mushroom body, and has a very beautiful color, this mushroom lives during the rainy season, or when the wood or tree has been cut down, and this mushroom can also grow on tree trunks who is still alive if it's winter or rain...

there are many kinds of mushrooms, this one mushroom has an insulated body or body, there are also mushrooms that are not insulated, these mushrooms will die when exposed to too hot sun, because mushrooms can't be exposed to too hot heat...

what kind of mushroom I mean above below, here are some pictures of mushrooms that I can take for me to show you all as follows:








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