60 steem successfully power up [spud4steem] My power up day

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This is my entry for #spud4steem.

This is the first time I am participating in this competition. I am really happy to be able to participate in this competition. This is really a great competition. I will try to participate in this competition every time from now on. I wanted to participate in this competition in September but I couldn't because I didn't have enough steem power.


My mission is to add 5000 Steem power to my Steem account. I hope with your cooperation I will be able to do it. I believe I will be able to do it one day. Already @steemcurator01 is giving me a lot of support. Thank you so much for your support.

My power up details below


My steem power was 119.028



Set 60 steem for power up.


Now Steem power is 179.029

image source

Many thanks to @kiwiscanfly for organizing such a beautiful competition.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored this competition.


From #bangladesh

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Hey man
Good to hear you will enter every month going forward, great power up today.

i worked out you had a 50.4% increase in Steem power

Keep being active around here

quick question did you did a post prior to October1st confirming you will be entering #spud4steem?

yes I do

plz check here

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