World wide art competition||Prize pool 15 steem||

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My dear steemians.

We see every day that the number of Steemit users is increasing day by day. There are many talented people who have come here to show their talent. They don't know how to apply their talents when they first come here. For the reasonably I organized art competition for those who can art like that they can participate in this competition.

I will try to organize the competition every week.


Some cute rules and regulation for contest.

☆You can create an art of any thing. The art you create must be positive. Do not draw any images that show something negative.

☆You must enter 150 words about the image you are going to draw.

☆You can write in two languages, English and Bengali.

☆Anyone can participate this contest. Post must be done WORLD OF XPILAR community.

☆The image you are drawing must have at least 5 images step-by-step from beginning to end.

☆Your post must be shared on Twitter and added to the comment option below your post.

☆Your post must add these two tag ( #wac and #art)

☆Start Time :(September-27-2020)☆

☆End Time: (October/10/2020)☆

15 steem in Prize pool

1st place6
2nd place4
3rd place3
4th place2

I hope those who can draw well will definitely participate in this competition. You will get some extra rewards by participating in this competition. You will definitely participate in more and more competitions along with regular posting it will increase your work efficiency.


Image search @stephenkendal

I'd appreciate every Resteem and upvote

Thank you for all the support @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog.

From #bangladesh

Thanks everyone for reading this post.

See you soon.

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