Application for Curation Projects: Visual Art and our experience of last 2 years

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“Paul” by @Stef1




Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


It was quite dramatic weekend a lot happening on the “top” floor of whales of two blockchains Hive and Steem.

Nevertheless in my opinion the majority of people on Steem are simple users who joined the blockchain in order to post, to blog and I believe many of them probably have no idea that such dramatic events happening behind the scene.



The real question now is what every of us can do in order to contribute to activities on Steemit.

We (@stef1 and @myskye) always wanted to support undervalued Visual Artist and created our project @art-venture and this is separattely from our own account @stef1 so that people know if they delegate they do not delegate to us but to the project.



Art-Venture Magazine No.261


  • Curation subject: Visual Art Creators: Art, Photogrpahy

  • @art-venture Magazine started in August 2018 every second day and ongoing. It is a bit changed, we noticed that with our little SP we can’t give a good upvote, therefore we started to do posts about undervalued artists and the Steem Payout of post goes to Artists

  • We were organizing contests for Artists and Photogrpahs with the prices in Steem that was donated from our own account and also xpilar one of the sponsors


@Art-Venture traditional Art contest: “Action character”.


  • We curate any Art no matter of language because Art is speaking the language of Visual Art and reflects our emotions. We use translator to understand the text behind:

Our fluent languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Kazakh



@Art-Venture Artist Showcase: @jmvanbreda.



We not only curating the people but guiding the newcomers with advises what is better to do to be visible, we support them and keep an eye on them so long they need our help. Many of the new users now become stronger and have regular support from other friends and curation projectrs once they are “grown up” we let them and take another user in our care.

We would be happy to continue our Curation and encourage people with words and guidanance but also we would be happy to continue our project that so good started and now because of split Steemit loosing Artists and this is an important step to keep those creative people here.





It is a shame that we forget how the community of this united blockchain was it is just 4 years old and now is it the end of everything or can we save what we have. Much depends on people who are still here and who want to rebuild blockchain and bring it more or less to what it was.

For me Steem is like an Enterprise in STAR TREK: Into Darkness damaged but still can fly and we know that the people who are on board will rebuild the ship because they believe in the future of Human species, somehow in future they learnt to control their emotions and still see clear what is the best for community and Stellar Alliance.



Pastel "SPACESHIPS: NCC 1701" by @Stef1



But it is not enough to have only our strong will and engagement of simple users, everything should come from top “floor” where the decision making and keeping the Steemians updated is the most important thing. At present when I see many arguments from Hive users who do their best to destroy the Steemit community and make people to leave and on other hand the Stemeians who are trying to convince the others, again without much effect, that reminded me one of my favourite series “Fargo” where I saw very wise quote on the poster that I wanted to share it with you and let you to think about that.



Trenner groß.png






I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing :-)


Art venture is supporting undervalued artists for a long time and its one of the must successful art projects. There is none better and more just than you Stef, wishing the best:)

I will probably apply too,lol

Thank you George for your nice words and you are our loyal supporter too. We are glad that the project is still running because it was a time when we thought just stop it but on other hand the way how we decided to do curation now is easier from time planning and we try to do most of the work with Showcase on weekends and daily curation as before.

I think the place need engaged people and you are one of them also having experience of many years :)

Yes i see alot of creative users still here and i cannot set on fire the place i called home for the past 2 years. A good curation project must start again for the people to get rewarded and also for new people to come. I am hoping for the best and i will try to prepare an application also.

Great paintings, Steffi!

You're right, there is a big war going on. It's Steem Whales vs Hive Whales. Both sides are dumping each other coins... and we all loose in the process. It's a pity that they care more about their egos than about the millions of users they should be working for. 😔

My worry is really that those people may destroy everything and we all will end up with nothing, the real community, active users of Steemit who worked hard to earn their cents at the end will have nothing left and this is not what the majority wants, we want to blog, to communication and to earn some Crypto with our work only because of simple regular user the Stemiit and Hive lives, that is the reason why they try to get the active users on own side. We will see what happens.

Hi @stef1 I hope you will get the community curator application. I will try to submit my application too.

Hi @cryptokannon thank you for your nice supportive words, fingers crossed :) I also wish you good luck!

Lovely art creations there @stef1 and we hope that both chains btw would settle down with their wars, we just lose in the process :/

Thank you @cryptopie for stopping by and always very glad to hear your opinion :)

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