Best Contributor to the Community- My Nominee is @cryptokannon

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Hello my dear Steemians,





One more post from the 3 Nomination Award posts and this time I wanted to tell you about another personality who is playing a great role in the establishment of Steemit Community, who was from very beginning on the side of the Steemit Team. The person who deserves a bit of spotlight, this is @cryptokannon.


Who is @cryptokannon




To start with, I wanted to take you back to the beginning of the year. The hard time of split of old witnesses who took the majority of community and the start of posts on @steemitblog with their 100 days of Steem.

One person who attracted my attention was @cryptokannon, she lives in Japan, she is mother of two children, actually full time mother. Nevertheless, she made herself noticeable due to her engagement in comments, her supportive art towards the Steemit Team. She took active part in all the challenges of 100 days.

Beginning of the Steemit journey, she together with @ciska became a driving force for onboarding newcomers and their guidance.


Trenner groß.png


Creation of @steemingcurators


Both @cryptokannon and @ciska created this account with its discord so that people especially newbies could get answers to their questions and guidance through new place.

Here is s little screenshot from her posts that was issued 8 months ago:




  • Shortly after @cryptokannon created a Greeter Community, with its own channel in Steemincurator discord.*

  • Then “Music for Steem” another project started by @cryptokannon and @ciska

  • @Cryptokannon delegated to all new accounts her own Steem so that they were able to post and comment.

  • She produced so many tutorials with explanation of basic function of programs.*

  • The amazing thing is the discord of Steemingcurators became so complex and had so many channels for every single activity.


Trenner groß.png


6 months ago she created Achievement program with 6 Levels with comprehensive explanation.




Currently there are many Country Representatives, but to tell the truth they all went through Steemingcurator Discord and guidance of @cryptokannon.

As it is in normal life, the small accounts are growing, getting more independent, creating good relationship with @steemcurator01 and often they forget that at the beginning they all started with Steemingcurators and @cryptokannon.

I have not seen many Nominations of this Powerful but fragile young woman, who is a driving force for new Steemit but the same time who is mother of two children. She has done so much for the whole Steemit platform and she is the one who really deserves the Nomination for the Best Contributor to Steemit Community.



With this post I would like to call anyone who was on early or later stage learned this engaged personality, join me and vote for @cryptokannon as the Best Contributor to Steemit Community.



I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing :-)


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CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




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Hi @stef1 Karly,
Thank you so much for your appreciation on my work for the community. I have actually been wishing that a community with a systematic program for newcomers created for newcomers on Steemit as this ecosystem is quite complex and make me overwhelm back then when I just get started on Steemit. In my mind, I thought, how I wish they create this or this for newcomers so they can start their blogging journey on steemit better and easier.. I'm glad that Steemit team gave me an opportunity and also support to realize my wish for that.
I'm happy with how it going now and birthing a lot of new talents that contribute back to the community.
Thanks again for your appreciation and also kind words from you. I sincerely wish you and your family happiness and good fortune.

senoliza aka kannon.

p/s: I actually involve as cheerleader only on musicforsteem creation, I don't actually involve in any of the management, ciska, and their team been managing it since its creation.

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Hi Senoliza or @cryptokannon, I remember how you were in the beginning with so many ideas and thoughts how to make this place better and easy for new people. When I was watching how you started a greeter project and just developed one project after another I was amazed by the creativity and your vision of the better structured place for new users.

I remember that @ciska was mostly involved in @musicforsteem but still it was a baby that both of you started on Steemit.

In my opinion, your name is firmly associated with new Steemit and this year was your year, with a portofolio of the projects, actually you can apply for marketing job submitting this data :)

See you around,. Karly

you are too kind! I'm practising what I have learnt theoretically on steemit community actually, Thank you a bunch for your support! You and others who are senior to us are like our big sisters/brothers for us here.😊

Hallo Karly,
@cryptokannon als beste Community-Mitwirkende vorzuschlagen, ist eine sehr gute Wahl!
Sie ist mir zur selben Zeit wie dir aufgefallen. Manchmal schien es mir, als sei Cryptokannon eine Frau mit mehr als 24 Stunden am Tag, die weder isst noch schläft... ;-)
Sie ist eine 1000-Volt Frau mit vielen Ideen und Projekten, die sie zuverlässig und qualitativ hochwertig umsetzt - eine Bereicherung für die gesamte Steem-Community!
Ich unterstütze mit diesem Kommentar gerne deine Nominierung.
Nochmal die besten Wünsche für einen guten Start ins Neue Jahr,
liebe Grüße

 5 months ago 

Liebe Christiane,

Ich hoffe du hattest einen guten rutsch ins neue Jahr und genießt die schönen Wochenendtage.
Wir hatten ein ruhiges Silvester im kleinen Familienkreis, begleitet von einer unendlichen TV Chart Show und einem reichhaltigen Raclette Abend.
Ich finde auch das @cryptokannon eine gute Kandidatin ist, da sie eine der wenigen ist die Ihre ganze Zeit und Energie in diese Plattform steckt.
Danke für deine Unterstützung, und ich hoffe das sie in diesem Rennen noch weiter kommt.

Ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie noch ein entspanntes Wochenende.

Liebe Grüße,


Liebe Karly,

frohes Neues Jahr!
Ja, wir hatten einen guten Start - auch mit Raclette... ;-) Wir haben mit einem befreundeten Paar "gefeiert", ohne TV, mit Gesellschaftsspielen. Ganz ruhig und ehrlich gesagt wie immer... :-))

Wie ich gerade gesehen habe, bist du in "Konkurrenz" zu Cryptokannon vorgeschlagen worden. Jaaaa!
Wie schön, dass alles mehr ein Spaß ist und wir uns alle allein schon über die Aufmerksamkeit, die uns geschenkt wird, freuen...
Ich drücke dir die Daumen!

Wir lesen uns und ich freue mich drauf,
alles Liebe,

Hi @chriddi Christiane thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it. Happy New Year to you and your family. I heard that your writing interesting, I would check out your blog soon, I did visit your blog sometime ago but a little bit shy to comment, as I thought maybe you won't reply to a stranger like me. You're quite friendly actually 😃 Thank you for your support~ 🤗💜

as I thought maybe you won't reply to a stranger like me

Are you kidding?! Isn't that how we make new contacts on the Steem?
Haha, if you've read Karly's tribute to me, you know that comments and responding to them are my specialty. So much so that I don't even get to write articles myself.... ;-)
But thanks for taking a look at my blog. After all, it's a bit my "fault" that I keep publishing in my native language and don't participate in popular contests.... ;-)
And, by the way, no problem: I myself know how much effort proper, appreciative curating means. You do a very good job and you just can't take care of everyone. Keep on your great work!
Happy New Year!

Thank you for your kind words Christiane @chriddi I will make sure to leave a comment if I do visit your blog next time😄. Happy New Year to you too! Yea I try to do my best to help the community. Thank you for sticking around with steem community since the 100days of steem. You are one of our senior sisters here on steem. Thank you for everything you did for the community too 🤗

I read your writing

 5 months ago 

Thank you :)

Senoliza is for the full 100% the number 1 Steemit member that deserves this award. Thanks Stef!!

@Steemitblog, if you happen to read this. Vote @crytokannon for this please!

 5 months ago 

Thank you @steemingcurators for your feedback, I absolutely agree, there is no other one who contributed so much like her. Once we will be on next level and hope @cryptokannon will get through nomination, we all can vote for her :)

The layout of the article is really good.i like it