One month of @booming account on “World of xpilar” community

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“Patricia Kaas” by @Stef1



Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,




As you all may know that the Steemit Team created @booming accounts about one month ago.




Many communities on Steemit are included into this program but there are 4 @booming accounts

As normally we, humans are, sometimes we do not have time to read the posts carefully and miss some information. That is why, today I wanted to highlight couple of frequently asked questions:

  • “I got a small upvote”. As example I wanted to show this comment that I received:




It is not the community and not me, who decides how much Upvote the users, who nominated receive. The users will be submitted by community to the Steemit Team, who will give upvote.

The decision how much % is given is fully depend on the Steemit Team employees. We can’t influence and it is also for us a surprise to see how the users are rewarded.

When we questioned the Steemit Team why some of the users receive so little support, we were told that it depends on % of Upvote Power. Sometimes it is too low and then only smaller Upvote can be given.


Trenner groß.png


Who is nominated for @booming account support?


The users who posting original content on Steemit without “double” posting on the same day and the same content on other platform.

Unfortunately, there are only 5 posts we can nominate, that is why the users who already have had upvotes from @steemcurator01 or 02 or other @booming accounts will not be considered.

Be engaged, comment of posts of others if you have time and like what other posts. Of course, we can’t be available all the time because we all may have our daily obligations and responsibilities. But please remember, we should treat others like we want to be treated ourselves.

Hope that gave you some idea about the Support Program and wishing you happy posting!


Trenner groß.png








I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing :-)


Trenner groß.png


CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png




Я заметила, что тебе очень хорошо удаются портреты, а впрочем настоящему художнику удаётся практически всё!

Мне нравятся и корабли, и море, но портреты получаются просто потрясающие...

А что по повожду оценки постов, каждый имеет свою точку зрения, и если кто-то оценивает кого-то выше чем других - это его личный выбор.

Ведь никто не может нас заставить тратить свои голоса за то что нам не нравится!

 22 days ago 

Спасибо за поддержку, я совершенно с тобой согласна. Будем использовать шанс и продолжать курацию :)

Beautiful Portrait :)

 22 days ago 

Thank you :)

We wish users the best here.
I agree with what you are saying here @stef1.

 22 days ago 

Thank you Jason, nice to see you here :)

Welcome @stef1....

nice program @stef1

 22 days ago 

Thank you :)

You're welcome @stef1

 23 days ago 

Hi @stef1 !
I think that no one can be offended by the% upvote. If he is under his post, this is already good, then that post is appreciated and highlighted among others. Of course, everyone wants to grow on the platform, this is a normal desire of a person who makes his own efforts. You just need to keep going and enjoy it.
Thanks to the WORLD OF XPILAR team and personally @ stef1. We feel your support and it is greatly appreciated.

 22 days ago 

Thank you for your supportive words and appreciate for your opinion. I absolutely agree with you and you know how it was in the past, like when we started from scratch. Nowadays much more potential for small accounts :)

 21 days ago 

It is still difficult for small fish to grow, but I agree, there are more opportunities for active fry :-)

great project @stef1.
And many thank for your support many post on community world of xpilar.
all the best

 22 days ago 

Thank you for your opinion, glad that you share it here :)

Thank you @stef1, for sharing a very good post, I wish you good health and success.

 22 days ago 

You are very welcome and nice to see you here :)

What an awesome painting. I love how the light and shadow effect turned out.

 22 days ago 

Thank you :)

This is quite encouraging and I hope it grows the community more and faster.

 22 days ago 

Hi @tezzmax, thank you for your supportive words. I visited on and off your blog if you post anything on Steem only please use #steemexclusive, so that we can consider you for booming. As you might know unfortunately, we can't submit the works that are posted in Hive the same time.

Okay. But I would love to know if I can still be qualified whenever I posted on steem first and probably after 2 hours I then have the same work on hive, does it work like that?

 21 days ago 

NO, it is cheating. Every post is checked by the Steemit team and usually they come in 24-48 hours.

But if you still wish to post on both the same stuff it is of course up to you :)

Okay. Thanks. I've got a post on steemit alone and that would still continues like that. I just hope it pays off. Thanks.

Hola como estas, muy interesante la explicación y para mi ha sido de gran aprendizaje.


 21 days ago 

I am glad that you found it informative, it is important that we all understand how the curation functioning :)

Lovely painting, @stef1!

Personally, I'm always delighted to get an upvote from any of the Steemcurator or Booming accounts... little or large. For me it's a bonus, not an expectation... a bit like receiving a nice "extra tip" after doing a really good job for a client.

In a sense, some of the "misunderstandings" you're describing reminds me of a long time ago, trying to hammer it into people's heads here that they are not employed by Steemit, and writing here does not entitle them to be paid... the entire system is voluntary, and Steemit is not your "boss!"

 21 days ago 

Thank you @denmarkguy, completely agree. The curation from the Steemit team is something that we should accept as bonus. I remember in the past we never had such opportunity.

it is always surprise what will come out of it. I believe when people think about the positive side of this blockchain like learning different people and communication maybe that will make blogging more interesting and enjoyable :)

 19 days ago 

Very good and clear explanation regarding the upvote from Steemit group; ofcourse they are supporting the steemians and that is encourage peoples really....

Keep up the good work, regards % of vote its very obvious that those who are manage the account could decide the % of vote to big and based on quality; but i must say that their support is really encouraging...



powerful portrait -- a good capture of eyes, and I like the yellowish/blue contrast.

ps. thanks for some things about @booming account being cleared up, tho I never had questions about it.

Que buen retrato. me encanta! <3

Excellent portrait, the eyes show intense life.
I really liked, too, the song

Regarding the percentage, the really important thing is to receive support and to thank it, the voter will have their reasons for the use of a certain percentage

happy day!!!

Thank You for sharing the art + Your insights...

And thank you for your support!

very nice painting
I like it