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RE: Final Days - Apocalyptic Style Digital Painting Process

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That is a real masterpiece Ian. You have shown the other skill of you in digital Art. I find it amazing. In modern world of computer games with the theme End-of-theDays that is great. I like the idea how you developed the scenery and adding cracked street and buildings completely changed the appearance. Actually that is something that should call people to stop, look around and think what the humanity is doing we really can end up with such result. Actually I was thinking that sometimes it is possible even to organize gallery for Climate protection with such digital art to wake people up. Thank you for your work!


Thanks @stef1. I agree that this work would hopefully wake people up to the dangers humanity is heading towards in the way we run things politically, the unsustainable debt our economy is based on and the way we treat the environment.

 7 months ago 

Hi Ian, as you have started digital art and that is so amazing I thought if you have thought to present them in "markerPlace" that is digital Art place where you can present your work and sell. If you remember @georgeboya who previously was a curator in Ntopaz and many other curation communities he and many other Artists from Steem and Hive are using that place for selling their ARt too. I was chatting to George and he advised if you decide to join them then better if you join their discord and to make an introduction at makers discord. it will help a lot with the application.
Here is the website:

Hi Stef, I have already submitted this piece on the makersplace application form but thanks for letting me know about the discord and will introduce myself there. :)

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