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RE: Evolution abridged - sand sculpture

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I really love the story adn the idea what you wanted to express. Of course all teh stuff about Biology and Genetic is familiar to me having medical background. I really love Genetics, actually was thinking to do to Genetics initially but ending up with surgery as it was better developed the times when I was young.

Nevertheless, I love both specialties adn the story about ammonite, now it is clear why you have such user name. The creature reminded me "Captain Nemo" the Jules Verne's character.

The last picture is my favourite, it is great to see nice buildings, sailboat in background, sunset and your sand scenery :)

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I think my grasp of how biology started is more fiction than science but it was a lot of fun to just let it flow.
Ammonites are something I have always been fascinated with, I love the spiral form and created a series of them in more permanent materials. I will share them some day.
I must say the light in Denmark for photography is great, It has a golden quality that I haven't really seen in other countries.
Thank you so much for your support