Weekly report Community Curator, 20/06/20: @steemcurator08 for Visual Art and Photography

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Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


This is our weekly report in June and we would like to thank the Steemit Team @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for this opportunity of being @steemcurator08, to keep working and making many users happy!

This week we were happy to see suchvariety of Artwork on Steem and so many different Artists, many of them re-starting posting that is why many of them receive very little for their work. We would like to draw your attention to that Creative Group of talented people and we are proud to be able to support them with Community Curator on Steem @steemcurator08 the account supporting Visual Art on Steem.




Now we would like to share with you our activity of the last week.


As always we would like to express our appreciation for the amazing tools that is provided by @steemchiller and his “Steemworld” program that made the curation process easy and let us keep an eye on our Upvote power and finally to do Statistic.

Like last time we wanted to express my appreciation to all Community Curators who have taken such responsible job in order to bring support for simple users across on Steemit, because we know how much of your own time and efforts is behind of Curations:





Here it is how our working day look like:


  • Searching through the different tags there are 16 Tags, last 2 years since we created @art-venture project we are looking through all these tags in order to find extraordinary and talented people who need some spotlight in order to shine.





  • We are part of fast growing community “world of xpilar” that is run by a one of the active supporter of all minnows @xpilar, since we started to promote it many Artists and Photogrpahers started to post via this community.


  • Checking for recent re-post or copy/paste.
    Plagiarism using reverse image search machine.



  • Running our own project @art-venture with regular Contests and Artist Showcase. Currently running contest:



  • Visiting the users Internet website to make sure that the works are their own: we always glad to be able to visit the users own websites and view their works, to read about them and communicate. Only via communication we can make people interested in engagement and interest in blogging.


Trenner groß.png


Our achievements past 7 days @steemcurator08:




  • We left with @steemcurator08:
    1,204 Comments and got 394 Replies!!! (last week: 1039 Comments and got 338 Replies)

  • 68 Followers (last week: 60 Followers)
    Reputation 45,7 (last week: 45)


Outgoing Votes:




Incoming Votes:




Voting CSI 20,0%: 178 Upvotes, 141 Accounts: the % of Upvote varied from 30% to 100% depending on posts, complexity of Artwork or quality of Photography, the story behind and the frequency of posting.




Trenner groß.png



We have selected 6 users with their posts who we would like to present today


“AMBITION” Oil on Canvas by @bologomora




@bologomora is relatively new user, despite of being a Steemian since November 2019 he just started to post last week. There are a lot to say about this user, first of all he is amazing Artist from Poland, he most of the works done with Oil on Canvas and we love every single of his work. His main feature: great contrast of colours, a fine game between light and darkness that helps to guide the viewer to certain details and make him to think. This is our comment to this work: “...That is absolutely amazing painting, immediately eye catching the magnificent horse and little girl grasping for shooting star.


Really love it. ...” Look yourself and support if also agree.


Trenner groß.png


Digital Art || Babydoll Fan Art by @yanes94




@yanes94 presented her digital Art from the movie -=Sucker Punch=- and if you have already seen the movie you will have noticed that the character I made is Babydoll. Nice process of creation and great interpretation


Trenner groß.png


"Reflection in the mirror" by @betzaelcorvo




@betzaelcorvo who is brilliant portrait Artist presented this work of a woman staring at someone through the mirror, I believe everyone has done it once but this is first time seeing such work. As always perfection!


Trenner groß.png


Mirror by @iansart




@iansart presented his version to the same Topic “Mirrors”, delicate features of face of young woman cautiously observing, beautiful fine details and great work with light source. Amazing!


Trenner groß.png


油画《无悔青春》 by @llllyyyyllll




@llllyyyyllll is an Artist and our discovery from @wherein Artcontest, he is such amazing Artist, who we started to follow since, he presented this beautiful Oil on Canvas work Top Class!


Trenner groß.png


Coronavirus practice, part III by @klaut




@klaut presenting his sketches with different At Medium, collection of awesome portraits. That is how some creative people spending their time to practising in their amazing skills.


Trenner groß.png



If you like what we are doing please support us and those Artists via giving them direct Upvote or joining ”world of xpilar” community in the trial @worldofxpilar :-)

@stef1 and @myskye



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Wow! Thanks for the support @stef1 and to all who belong to the beautiful world of @worldofxpilar . It has been a pleasure to see this publication the works are incredible, each one has a different style and a great charm.


Thank you Carmen for stopping by, it is a pleasure to have your beautiful works among the Artists, always such fantasy, beauty and wonderful colors :)

hehehehehe for nothing, thanks to you and your team for always supporting my work. ;)

Always grateful to all of you !!! <3 <3 <3


Keep up the good work 👍🏾 !trdo

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Thank you for your nice words :)

Not a problem 👍🏾

Wow realmente sorprendente los dibujos los felicito

Thank you for viewing and for your nice words of support :)

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Thank you @worldofxpilar for supporting hte Community curator reports :)

Excelentes trabajos, pura genialidad de pinturas están en esta selección.

Thank you @adeljose for your nice words and we thought to take only drawings and painting this time and there were many of them this week :)

There are such amazing talents in this community. I joined Steem 3 years ago, but just didn't follow and got a little bit bored. I'm glad to join again and being able to enjoy this "new" communities and their work.

Hi @mycryptostalker, it is less activity around but we do our best with all the engagement to entertain and support people :)

Less activity doesn't mean that theres less quality. The good work is something to recognize.
It is a shame how steemit has changed and there are lot of "trash" that isn't on the area of interest. My timeline is filled with korean, chinese or japanese content that of course I don't understand and can't filter that so i don't know how to join other communities with content that at least I can read. So it was nice to fin World of Xpilar!

Thank you for all your curation work this week.

The Steemit Team

Hi @steemcurator01, today the Art Contest "Childhood" is over and we have produced the Winner Announcement post, sent the our Prizes as follows, would you also give them upvote as you offered before:


to following. 1st place: @llllyyyyllll
2d place: @roinujx
3d place @betzaelcorvo
4th place: @erofan

Here is the post with the winners and their works:


very happy to be in this painting with recognized artists, it is good to see these types of activities that motivate us to continue working for art, greetings

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Very Good job!!

Greetings Michael


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