White Mushroom from the interior forest of Aceh

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White Mushroom from the interior forest of Aceh

Today, I will show again, this type of white mushroom, this type of white fungus, I found in the forest in the Acehnese interior, even though the journey to this forest is very far from the city where I live, but because of the uniqueness and beauty of this type of drying, I am always looking for and keep looking for the presence of various types of mushrooms on the trees and on the ground, which continue to grow wild, without any special care.

Learning to View Images and How to Shoot Macros

However, apart from showing this type of mushroom, I would also like to show the manner and style of macrophotography to all steem users and some members of the aceh-team, whom I recruited.

this effort, so that it is useful to know the layout of how to do the photo shoot, so, as a whole learning, they can have their own style, by looking at the way and the style that I do so far. the guideline is on my blog posts so far, so that the people I recruit can become independent and know more about their future direction and goals while learning to write.

what kind of mushrooms that I photograph and pictures of mushrooms that will serve as guidelines for new users that I recruit and join, in order to be able to do macro shoots, let's see them below.





















this is what I can say about this mushroom, I hope you are happy to see it, even though I do not know the exact name of this type of mushroom.

don forget #promosteem and #tron in your country

Hilsen @sultan-aceh


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beautiful mushroom photo, I was amazed

mushrooms are very beautiful and charming, the forest of Aceh is indeed extraordinary, has many uniqueness of its own

Jamur nya sangat cantik,,

Sangat lura biasa,bentuknya seperti kobra.
Anda selalu menampilakan yang terbaik.

Jamur yang unik, ini sangatlah indah BG @sultan-aceh 👍👍👍

Sep lagak-lagak gamba, pah hawa teuh jeut tehnik memotret genyan. Beutoi ge droneuh peugah bang, han meumada ngen kamera atau lensa canggih untuk menghasilkan karya foto yang bagus dan meu kualitah, tapi ilmu dan skill cara cok gamba beu ek ta kuasai, long tikui long bet topi, sebgai tanda penghormatan dan apresiasi long keu droneuh bang 😊✨👍👍👍👍

although it is very difficult to take some good and focused pictures, but bang @sultan-aceh are still enthusiastic about taking pictures ,,

One of the important things I can see is that you put all the focus of the lens on the object you want to show by dulling the background. This leaves visibility only for the details of the mushrooms you photograph which allows you to show us only what you want to show us, it's great!

Mushroom Great White Bang ,,@sultan-aceh

Sangat indah dan luar biasa @sultan-aceh sangat menginspirasi untuk aceh-team

true bg we are very grateful for your guidance, white mushrooms are unique and beautiful, I like the post @ sultan-aceh.

Jamur Super Win ini bg, jarang kita jumpai jamur seperti ini..
Good jobs bg.

Kita akan mencoba juga bg @sultan-aceh mencari jamur2 dari sini di sawang

Sometimes i wonder all God creations are super unique: mushroom here are looking beautiful and you got the best caption of it..
Kudos super mentor..

Wow, it looks so beautiful.

Great work. I never see something like that. Thanks for all mushroom information

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