brilliant color metallic cotton insects

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brilliant color metallic cotton insects

Today, I show again, the type of insect that has a very bright color, which I often call cotton parent insects, although there are those who call it "bugs" or "the like. But, in my observation, this is the name owned by this type , because, this type, in their lives, is very much different, from other types.

I say that, because ... this type, makes use of flashes that are, on its body parts, to make, types
other insects, such as:

  • avoiding due to glare
  • strange objects that cannot be eaten

the two mentioned above, become, one, this type, often, is not devoured by other types of insects, which are larger. to this type, often grow and develop. until it becomes another insect, which has a yellow color and has fur on it, just like cotton.

the first picture I found

The picture above, is the first image that I found, which is located, above the leaf, since I have wanted to see this type for a long time, I finally found this type again, in a bigger form.

let's look below.


cotton insects

prepare for camera position

after observing from a distance, as usual, I prepare, my position, so that more freely, in taking pictures, in this type, to avoid, this type, will fly too fast.


cotton insects

in the picture above, you can feel, if the insects, which I am photographing, look at me or not, if this type jumps over my face, maybe in a short ... it will make me be surprised, "hehehehehhe"


cotton insects

this picture that I photographed, I deliberately photographed, is closer, so that all of you, can see it, what the shape of the face of this type of insect is. the vigilance I prepared beforehand. if this type, can bite, wherever he likes, on my body, because I, have prepared, medicine and the like.


cotton insects

in the picture above, you can see, the legs of this type of insect, which is located, above the leaves, with a very bright color. I keep taking pictures, with camera settings, continuously. so ..... if there is a picture that is not good, I do not use it.


cotton insects

in the picture above, this type, began to move, I can only hope, this type, not too fast to fly, because, if this type flies, most likely, I can only get it again .. after the rainy season in 2021.


cotton insects

In the picture above, I tried, showing, all these types of insects, from above, so that all of you, can see, how bright, this type of insect, if it is on a leaf, freely.


cotton insects

the life of a cotton insect

the life of these cotton insects, only between the leaves, fruit and young branches, if we don't pay attention properly, don't expect ... this type, will be seen.


cotton insects

although this type is very rare we can get, but this type is easy for us to recognize, if it is above the leaf, that is with a distinctively shiny color.


This type of food, not much different from other types, for example:

  • rind
  • Orange peel
  • young leaves
  • small insect eggs
  • small insects
  • ant

some of which I mentioned above, which are often seen, foods that are often eaten.

well .., below, those of you who like to see in the picture, can pay attention, this type of cotton insect, when I photograph, is above the leaf.

let us look together, in the gallery, which I have prepared below.



cotton insects


cotton insects


cotton insects


cotton insects


cotton insects

after you see the picture, in the gallery that I have prepared above. I hope you enjoy seeing it, and hopefully it will be useful for beginner photographers, who are still in the learning phase, with me in the Steem Community, and Community WORLD OF XPILAR

I end with the words, greetings @sultan-aceh

Information and Community Steem

Insectcotton insects
LocationSp. Kramat Forest
Camera usedCanon EOS 600D
Lens Camera Modif18-55mm
Photography by@sultan-aceh


Looking like a Rainbow♠♠ colour...

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thank you so much @nevlu123

Salah satu jenis kumbang yang paleng unik, sabab kumbang nyoe memiliki wana cerah meu kilat. Lage ta semir ngen kit motor, nyanban meukilat tuboh jih.
Meutrap jue keudeh 👍👍👍

thank you so much @midiagam

pu .... lage semir kit moto
hehehhehe ,,,, nyo cit .. heheh
teurimong geunaseh ok

Beutoi ken hehe
Ok, sama-sama rakan 😊

the insect has amazingly beautiful colors

hi @xpilar

Thanks for your comment
about the color this type has
happy, .. you like to see the color

thank you so much @xpilar

This is another wonderful display of good photos

thank you so much @ddn688

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