Development Achievements 09 - Steemit Assisted Village and Build a Mushalla AL-Qariah in Aceh

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Steemit Assisted Village and Build a Mushalla AL-QARIAH
With Photographer Steem Blockchain
World Of Xpilar Community

Achievement Activities. Date : 08 s/d 10 Juni 2021

Today, June 10, 2021, I will show you the progress of building a prayer room in Buket Village, which we are doing slowly with World Of Xpilar Members in the local Aceh-Team joint and local residents.

This achievement is of course thanks to the support of all friends, especially from the Donation Giver, the voter of this post and my personal post, to get Steem and Sbd, so that the achievement of Completion of Mushalla and Children's Educations complete.

This achievement, continuation from here Achievements 08, until the building that you will see is formed, in the arrangement of the images below of course.

In this activity, I'd like to show you all some of the activities I've put together over the past few days, dated above and in the picture, up to today.

Previous, Achievements 08, you can see as shown below, let's look at the image below before I will continue with another explanation.

Furthermore, we have moved the large banner that was previously behind, we have moved it forward, before the wall painting process is carried out, this is so that all the souls of the community around this village, as well as the people who pass by, can know that this mosque and children's education place in this village have been built by using, Steem and Sbd Achievements on Steemit.Com. and Proceeds from DONATIONS and other Support Votes overall.


for the continuation, let's see together, the achievements in the activities carried out in the field, so that all of you can know the process, let's see it below :


Below, you can see in the picture, that all the construction workers, did their job, to make the walls of the mushalla visible from inside the mushalla.

Let's see the process below :

Wall Making Process







The process of making the inner and outer walls has been completed

below, all process activities in the manufacture of walls, have been completed, and will be continued in the next stage is wall painting.

what the finished process looks like, let's see it below :




Front Left Side


Front Right Side


Front Inside


Right Side in the Mushalla


Left Side In Mushalla

ACTIVITY DATE 09 June 2021

Making Mushalla Terrace Boundary

In order to form a Mushalla courtyard, a small courtyard was made, in order to be able to place several motorbike riders, while doing worship and accompanying community children, in education, which will be held in this place.

below is the manufacturing process, let's see below :











ACTIVITIES Date : 10 June 2021

On the edge of the prayer room there is a path, which will lead to places such as:

  • a place to take ablution water
  • a place to urinate and defecate.

then, done, equalization of the land, so that a similar road can be made using a mixture of cement and sand, let's see it in the process activities below :

Soil Cleaning and Leveling








Side Floor Making Activities

The cement and sand have been mixed, then the floor is immediately made, so you can see the process below.

Before and After Activities carried out.

BEFORE AND AFTER "To the Left of Mushalla"

BEFORE AND AFTER "To the Right of Mushalla"

In the last few days, additional purchases of cement and sand are still being made, so some of the needs that are needed, you can see them below:

Buy Cement and Sand . Date : 06 Juni 2021

Buy Cement . Date : 09 Juni 2021



TODAY'S SETTLEMENT Date. 10 June 2021

As of today's date, the settlement can be seen as shown in the image below, although several other things that hinder this process can be resolved properly, such as rainy weather and financial problems.

Let's see, in the achievement of this Mushalla in the picture below :

Advanced Development Stages :

  • Install the Fence
  • Install the Roof
  • Install Ceramic Floor
  • Wall paint

Precisely today, June 10, 2021, all activities will continue until the prayer room is finished.

That is what I can say, in achieving the construction of a Mushalla and Children's Education Center in this village. I hope that in its development, this village will get more support from all Steem users.

Thus, the brief explanation above, in the joint activity of building a place of worship and an educational place for children in Buket Village, I hope you will be happy to see them.

Requesting assistance from:

Hopefully this project submission will receive support from all parties.

A big thank you, from me representing the World Of Xpilar Community
who have helped in the form of field workers, during this development, including the people of Buket Village


Responsible Field
World Of Xpilar Community

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Will be given for the Financing
Mushalla Development and Children's Education in Buket Village
Steemit Fostered Village

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5Information and Documentation@adi.pisces
6Implementation withMembers @aceh-team

Development Information

DevelopmentPlaces of Worship and places of Education
LocationBuket Village
Support@dobartim - @xpilar - @stephenkendal - Team Norway
SurveiCommunity @worldofxpilar - @aceh-team and @sultan-aceh


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MashaAllah, good to see these development 💕❤️💖

MasyaAllah, semoga pembangunan lancar selalu 🙏

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

Sungguh pembangunan yang sangat cepat, tidak terasa dengan kerja keras bg @sultan-aceh akhirnya mushalla al-qariah sudah hampir bisa digunakan oleh penduduk desa buket / Aceh. .
Semoga pembangunan ini selalu berjalan dengan lancar. AMIN

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

semoga Allah SWT memberkati

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

Alhamdulillah.... I hope everything continues to run smoothly and hopefully the work will be done quickly

Warm greetings from me

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

Alhamdulillah, soon we will see the AL-QARIAH mushalla finished.

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

Alhamdulillah sudah hampir siap tempat beibadah/musalla

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

Alhamdulillah, the development has come so far. Keep up the spirit for the members of @aceh-team hope you are always healthy especially for you @sultan-aceh who has commanded this in the field hope you are always healthy....

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

Semoga cepat selesai pembangunan musalla alqarai`ah amin

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

Semoga selalu dimudahkan Allah swt. dalam pembangunan mushalla al-qariah
Sukses terus @sultan-aceh

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

Aamiin yaa rabbal'alamin

Alhamdulillah saya sangat senang melihat kondisi musalla hampir siap, dan saya doa kan kepada yang melakukan pembangunan ini khususnya @sultan-aceh dan umum kepada yang mau membantu dan mendukung, semoga hidup senang dunia dan akhirat.

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

Amin, semoga berjalan dengan lancar

Alhamdulillah proses pembuatan musholla hampir mencapai tahap akhir, semoga proses pembuatan musholla ini cepat selesai, bang @sultan-aceh tetap semangat 💪💪💪

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

Amin, mudah-mudahan saja

Nice working 💕💕
Please vote for me 🙏🙏

Alhamdulillah pembangunan musholla nya hampir selesai, semoga bermanfaat untuk warga desa buket untuk selamanya dan bermanfaat juga amal kerja keras bang @sultan-aceh dan teman-teman komunitas world of xpilar, semoga ini bisa menjadi amal ibadah di dunia sampai akhirat teman-teman semuanya,Amin Ya Allah.

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

Alhamdulillah.semoga cepat selesai.berkat bantuan @ sultan Aceh dan berguna untuk umat, mushalla Al Qariah ini tempat mendidik generasi penerus yang berguna demi agama ,bangsa dan negara.doa dari Fazly steem. khususnya untuk sultan Aceh agar mendapatkan rezeki yang tak terduga dari Allah.aaaaamiiiin

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

Sungguh membanggakan perkembangan pembangunan musallah al-qariah, semoga terselesaikan dengan lancar

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

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Alhamdulillah,semuanya semakin terlihat akan siap segera di pergunakan.
Semoga tidak ada hambatan didalam pembangunan ini.
Terimakasih kepada semua yang sudah mendukung dalam pembangunan tempat ibadah ini.

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

Semoga mushalla al-Qari,ah yang kita cita-citakan bisa terwujud, dengan izin Allah dan dukungan dari kita semua, baik moril atau pun materil juga terima kasih kepada donatur

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

Alhamdulillah hampir selesai, semoga semuanya berjalan dengan lancar.

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai


Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

syukur alhamdulillah semua dapat berjalan dengan lancar dan senantiasa seperti yang kita inginkan amin...

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

Alhamdulillah hampir selesai, tetap sehat selalu bg @sultan-aceh!.

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

Syukur..semoga tidak ada kendala dan cepat selesai

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

Hello dear friend @ sultan-aceh good day
The work you are doing is admirable, congratulations to you and the entire team. The play looks great, your people do a good job
Congratulations to all

thank you so much @jlufer :)

Alhamdulillah semoga secepatnya bisa digunakan oleh warga buket. Kita sangat bangga melihat pembangunan seperti ini. amal sedekah jariyah

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

Good initiatives you took

thank you so much

Alhamdulillah. Semoga cepat siap. Dan berjalan dengan lancar.

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

kehadiran mushalla ini merupakan impian yang telah lama di idam idamkan oleh semua masyarakat gampong buket,tidak lama lagi impian itu akan jadi kenyataan.terima kasih dari kami segenap tokoh masyarakat gampong buket kepada @sultan-aceh

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

semoga lancar pembanguna Mushalla AL-Qariah
di desa buket . terimakasih kepada @sultan-aceh dan kawan-kawan semuanya ikut membatu dalam hal pembanguna Mushalla tersebut.baik dari do`a atau dalam hal kecil dan besar
semoga di berikan rezaki dan rahmat kepada kita semuanya.

Alhamdulillah. ...semoga cepat selesai

So beautiful 💕💕
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Alhamdulillah semoga berjalan dengan lancar.amin