Development Achievements 11 - Steemit Assisted Village and Build a Mushalla AL-Qariah in Aceh

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Steemit Assisted Village and Build a Mushalla AL-QARIAH
With Photographer Steem Blockchain
World Of Xpilar Community

Achievement Activities. Date : 18 Juni 2021

Today, June 18, 2021, I will show you the progress of building a prayer room in Buket Village which we are doing slowly with World Of Xpilar Members in the local Aceh-Team joint and local residents.

This achievement is of course thanks to the support of all friends, especially from the Donors, the voters of this post and my personal post, to get Steem and Sbd, so that the achievement of Mushalla Completion and Children's Education is complete.

This achievement, a continuation of Achievements 10, until the building that you will see is formed, in the arrangement of the images below of course.

In this activity, I would like to show you all some of today's activities, in doing the installation of the Steel Frame on the roof top. dated above and in today's picture.

let's look at the picture below before I continue with another explanation.

Steel Frame Order Arrived

A few days ago, based on a joint deliberation with local village officials, I and several members of the World Of Xpilar Community, placed an order for a Steel Frame to be installed at the top, to cover the entire prayer room and children's education area.

let's see the picture below :







Steel Frame Size Setting Activities

Below, you will also see some other activities, when the steel frame that I ordered, was assembled below first, before being raised up, for further installation.

let's see the picture below :















Installation Activities at the Top

after everything is assembled, the whole activity, is above, to assemble and design the whole part so that the frame structure is formed, to put zinc on it.

Let's see the process below :









Today's Temporary Achievement

then, after everything is finished for today, because the need for goods has run out for today, then, the completion of the installation of the steel frame for today is complete, and will continue after the payment of the next post, for the purpose of purchasing the next steel frame material.

let's see below, the solution for today, below :









After the installation of the steel frame, as above, then the zinc will be installed. and then in the following order:

  • Zinc Roof Installation
  • Install Ceramic Floor
  • Wall paint

Precisely today, June 19, 2021, all activities will continue until the prayer room is finished. while ,waiting for payment in the next post. to use the next purchase of Materials.

That is what I can say, in achieving the construction of a Mushalla and Children's Education Center in this village. I hope that in its development, this village will get more support from all Steem users.

Thus, the brief explanation above, in the joint activity of building a place of worship and an educational place for children in Buket Village, I hope you will be happy to see them.

Requesting assistance from:

Hopefully this project submission will receive support from all parties.

A big thank you, from me representing the World Of Xpilar Community
who have helped in the form of field workers, during this development, including the people of Buket Village


Responsible Field
World Of Xpilar Community

100% Vote for this Post

Will be given for the Financing
Mushalla Development and Children's Education in Buket Village
Steemit Fostered Village


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Development Information

DevelopmentPlaces of Worship and places of Education
LocationBuket Village
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MashaAllah another awesome achievement ❤️💕💖

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

InshaAllah Ameen

Wow,, sungguh pembangunan yang sangat cepat. Semoga pembangunan ini terus berlanjut dan semoga cepat bisa digunakan.

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Alhamdulillah sungguh membanggakan dan ucapan ribuan terima kasih kepada @sultan-aceh dan donatur, pembangunan musalla al qariah hampir selesai

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Subhanallah ternyata hampir selesai mushalla alqari`ah niat baik anda hampir terwujud

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Alhamdulillah pembangunnya selalu berjalan lacar, semoga selalu dimudahkan agar pemabangunan Mushalla AL-Qariah cepat selesai.

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Aamiin yaa rabbal 'alamin

Alhamdulillah, the stage of the steel frame installation process has been completed, meaning that the construction of the prayer room will soon be completed, hopefully there will be no obstacles and hopefully it will run smoothly.

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

 3 months ago 

MUSHALLA ini akan segera dapat di pergunakan, semoga tidak ada hambatan dalam pembangunan musholla ini.

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

 3 months ago 


Alhamdulillah udah mau selesai,,@sultan-aceh

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

saya berharap musalla ini siap pada waktunya dan juga berjalan tanpa ada hambatan

salam. @digitals-photo

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Syukur alhamdulillah pembangunan musalla ini hampir selesai dan semoga bisa secepatnya bisa digunakan.

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Alhamdulillah now it's time to install the steel roof truss and hopefully the prayer room we are waiting for will be finished soon.

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

alhamdulillah, thank you very much to @sultan-aceh, and friends who have built a beautiful mosque

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

May sustenance be made easy for all of us, with us helping each other to donate and help each other for the construction of the Al-Qariah mushalla.

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Pembangunan yang kita dambakan selama ini semoga cepat salesai amin

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Semoga cepat selesai mushollanya,,satu untuk semua.

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Alhamdulillah saya mewakili masyarakat desa buket kec.kuta makmur ,dalam hal ini saya mengucapkan banyak terima kasih khususnya kepada @sultan-aceh yang telah membangun tempat ibadah (Mushalla AL-Qariah) di tempat kami tersebut.

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Alhamdulillah,semuanya hampir siap pembangunan musalla, ini semua berkat perjuangan @sultan-aceh makanya musalla ini ada, saya sangat mendukung perbuatan baik @sultan-aceh.

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Ladang beramal.sebagai tempat yang mendidik generasi Islami

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Hopefully it will be a blessed place, and it will be completed without any obstacles that hinder its construction.🤲🤲

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Dengan semangat kebersamaan insyaallah mushalla al-Qari,ah akan selesai tepat waktu, terimakasih kepada donatur yg telah mendonasikan bantuan terimakasih jg kepada semua pihak yg mendukung pembangunan musholla.

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

How are you dear friend @ sultan-aceh good afternoon
The work is progressing favorably, I appreciate very much that you shared this update. congratulations to all l for the great job you do
I wish you a beautiful night and a wonderful weekend

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai :)

Alhamdulillah mushalla hampir siap,terima kasih banyak dari kami untukmu @sultan-aceh

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Alhamdulillah, semoga cepat selesai dan bermanfaat bagi semua orang yang ada di sana 😊😊😊

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Amin, mudah-mudahan saja

Alhamdulillah sudah mulai pemasangan atap

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Alhamdulillah sudah naik atap, sudah mendekati finishing!.
Sehat selalu bg @sultan-aceh!.

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Mashallah 👌
Awesome achievement SULTAN
Good efforts to do something for others.
Salute 🙋 sir

terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Alhamdulillah. Ikut bangga dan mendoakan semoga lancar 🙏

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

 3 months ago 

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Manually curated by @jasonmunapasee


May Allah bless you Mr.@sultan-aceh in all your day and activity...

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Terima kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Alhamdulillah, pembangunan Mushalla ini sudah sampai level pemasangan rangka baja. Dimana artinya pembangunan Mushala itu sudah tercapai sebesar 60%. Kerja yang bagus dari para member @aceh team. Semoga pembangunan berjalan dengan lancar.

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

alhamdulillah the development of mushalla AL-QARIAH is in a state of almost completion.
Hope the development goes smoothly.

terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai

Alhamdulillah seiring berjalan waktu pembangunan mushalla Al-Qariah telah menunjukan progres yang sangat maju mudah-mudahan dalam waktu dekat akan selesai dan masyarakat buket umumnya, khususnya dusun COT kiri sudah dapat digunakan untuk tempat Ibadah dan pengajian bagi anak-anak . Terima kasih kepada @Sultan-Aceh yang telah memfasilitasi dan mendukung penuh demi terbangunnya mushallah tersebut. Kami masyarakat desa Buket khususnya dan saya pribadi @muammar-village mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih.

Terima Kasih ... Semoga Cepat Selesai