Development Achievements 15 - Steemit Assisted Village and Build a Mushalla AL-Qariah in Aceh.

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Steemit Assisted Village and Build a Mushalla AL-QARIAH
With Photographer Steem Blockchain
World Of Xpilar Community

Achievement Activities. Date : 07 s/d 14 Juli 2021

Today, July 7, 2021, I will show you the progress of building a prayer room in Buket Village which we are doing slowly, together with World Of Xpilar Members in the local Aceh-Team joint and local residents.

This achievement is of course thanks to the support of all friends, especially from the Donors, the voters of this post and my personal post, to get Steem and Sbd, so that the Achievement of Completion of Mushalla and Children's Education is complete.

This achievement, a continuation of Achievements 14, until the building that you will see is formed, in the arrangement of the images below of course.

In this activity I want to show some activities a few days ago, such as:

1 . Activities for Adding 2 Pillar Mushalla

The activities below have been carried out, and the activities have been completed.




2 . Buying Bricks

Purchase of bricks, for needs, in follow-up activities, such as toilets and fences. below are activities assisted by members of the World Of Xpilar Local Aceh-Team.





3 . Making the Entire Mushalla Fence

The activities below are, buying more bricks, to make a fence, to completely surround the mushalla pahar. and this is still in implementation, since the fees are still being collected from my own post @sultan-aceh.







4 . Continuing the Toilet Making Activity - Done

below, the construction of the toilet, has also been completed, just waiting, plastering the walls, installing the roof and installing the door







as you have seen and read, then, after we only hope, hopefully this development will not have any obstacles in the field, including costs and energy.

In the conclusion above, the installation of the steel frame above has been completed, and then, some further work. which will continue, such as:

  • Continued - Making a Toilet
  • Continued - Place of Wudhuk
  • Ceramic Installation
  • Ceiling Installation
  • Electrical Installation
  • Purchase Azhan Loudspeakers

Precisely, all activities will continue until the prayer room is finished. while ,waiting for payment in the next post. to use the next purchase of Materials.

That is what I can say, in achieving the construction of a Mushalla and Children's Education Center in this village. I hope that in its development, this village will get more support from all Steem users.

Requesting assistance from:

  • Team Steemit
  • All home-building investors
  • All steem investors
  • All Steem users.

Hopefully this project submission will receive support from all parties.

A big thank you, from me representing the World Of Xpilar Community
who have helped in the form of field workers, during this development, including the people of Buket Village


Person in Charge of Development
World Of Xpilar Community

100% Vote for this Post

Will be given for the Financing
Mushalla Development and Children's Education in Buket Village
Steemit Fostered Village

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1. Cement11Villagers


1Responsible Fields@sultan-aceh
2Treasurer for Development@jasonmunapasee
3Checking Assistance Fund Transactions@grisaia-steem
4Field Inspectors@digitals-photo
5Information and Documentation@adi.pisces
6Implementation withMembers @aceh-team

Development Information

DevelopmentPlaces of Worship and places of Education
LocationBuket Village
Support@dobartim - @xpilar - @stephenkendal - Team Norway
SurveiCommunity @worldofxpilar - @aceh-team and @sultan-aceh


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Thank you support booming @Stef1

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Jcar vote support, keep the good work..

thank you support Jcar vote @davidad

 2 months ago 

Thank you..

Alhamdulillah pembangunan musholla Al-qariah sudah hampir siap dan segera bisa di gunakan oleh penduduk setempat.
Semoga kedepannya selalu lancar . Amin

terima kasih.. senang mendengarnya ... amiiin.

Alhamdulillah.. semakin mendekati finishing.
Thank you so much @sultan-aceh yang berkomitmen total untuk menyelesaikan project ini, keberkahan untuk Anda dan keluarga.

terima kasih.. senang mendengarnya ... amiiin.

Kami segenap masyarakat gampong buket melalui lisan [email protected] mengucapkan rasa syukur dan ribuan terima kasih kepada sultan aceh dan semua pihak yang terlibat dalam pembangunan mushalla,kami tidak dapat membalas semua ini,namun Tuhan Yang MAHA KUASA yang akan membalas semuanya..

terima kasih.. senang mendengarnya ... amiiin.

Hi @sultan-aceh, I congratulate you for such a wonderful job....
It seemed impossible to achieve.

thank you so much

alham dulillah,,,amin,,,

 2 months ago 

Wonderful my friend! I really appreciate your efforts towards this project; I am proud of you over this good project!! Well-done!

Tomorrow I will support with jacr support Programme too..



terima kasih.. senang mendengarnya ... amiiin.

Pembangunan mushala terus berlanjut semoga cepat selesai,

terima kasih.. senang mendengarnya ... amiiin.

Alhamdulillah saya sangat senang melihat kondisi tempat ibadah sudah hampir siap.

terima kasih.. senang mendengarnya ... amiiin.

Alhamdulillah, patut kita ucap kan terima kasih kepada donatur, khususnya bg @sultan-aceh dan teman-teman aceh team yang sudah mengerahkan tenaga, pikiran dan juga pendanaan untuk mushalla al-qariah

terima kasih.. senang mendengarnya ... amiiin.

alhamdulillah sudah 89% mushala ini hampir selesai di bangun. Kepada anggota @aceh-team yang bersangkutan dalam proses pembangun mushala ini baik di lapangan maupun di balik layar. Terus semangat buat kalian terutama untuk @sultan-aceh terus semangat bang

terima kasih.. senang mendengarnya ... amiiin.

Alhamdulillah mudah mudahan cepat siap musalla alqariah kita ayo semangat dalam rangka membangun musalla ......amin yarabba alamin

terima kasih.. senang mendengarnya ... amiiin.

semoga diberikan kemudahan untuk pembangunan musalla Al-Qariah

terima kasih.. senang mendengarnya ... amiiin.

 2 months ago (edited)

Alhamdulillah sebentar lagi sudah bisa digunakan untuk beribadah dan melakukan kegiatan ibadah. Seperti pengajian

terima kasih.. senang mendengarnya ... amiiin.

Alhamdulillah proses pembuatan musholla ini berjalan lancar semoga cepat selesai dan dapat digunakan oleh warga setempat secepatnya

terima kasih.. senang mendengarnya ... amiiin.

Sama-sama bang 👌👌👌

Alhamdulillah mushalla ini hampir selesai dan hampir bisa digunakan, semoga semuanya berjalan dengan lancar.

terima kasih.. senang mendengarnya ... amiiin.

Alhamdulillah pembangunan musholla hampir selesai,, mudah2 amal ibadah teman-teman komunitas world of xpilar di terima di sisi Allah SWT.Amin,,,

terima kasih.. senang mendengarnya ... amiiin.

Mushallah Al Qariah semakin terjaga keamanannya setelah siap pagar . terimakasih.

terima kasih.. senang mendengarnya ... amiiin.

 2 months ago 

Musalla ini sudah hampir selesai dan akan segera di pergunakan untuk masyarakat di desa Buket.
Semoga pembangun kedepannya berjalan lancar seperti yang kita harapkan.

terima kasih.. senang mendengarnya ... amiiin.

 2 months ago 


Alhamdulillah pembangunan musala tetap berjalan dengan lancar

terima kasih.. senang mendengarnya ... amiiin.