Development Achievements - Steemit Assisted Village and Build a Mushalla AL-Qariah in Aceh

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Steemit Assisted Village and Build a Mushalla AL-QARIAH
With Photographer Steem Blockchain
World Of Xpilar Community

Achievement Activities Today

Today, I would like to share, in today's Achievement Activities Achievements, which I want to show to all of you, wherever you are.

In today's achievement, construction workers, working on several points, in the building that starts in the morning, such as:

  • Purchase of additional cement "Donation Result"
  • Assembling iron poles
  • Digging the edge of the hole
  • Stone Arrangement on the hole
  • Foundry of the building base
  • Foundry of building pile base

below is the whole picture, in the construction of the building, to be precise Friday, May 07, 2021.
















this is what I can say.

I represent @sultan-aceh and members of the Aceh Team, @WorldOf Xpilar community, to convey thousands of thanks, to those who have supported all of these activities, both in the real world, online, enthusiastic support, and prayers.

Requesting assistance from:

Hopefully this project submission will receive support from all parties.

A big thank you, from me representing the World Of Xpilar Community
who have helped in the form of field workers, during this development, including the people of Buket Village


Responsible Field
World Of Xpilar community

100% Voting for this post, will be given for Financing to Assisted Steemit Villages and Build Mushalla


Donation List

1. @xpilar100-
2. @hingsten100-
3. @digitals-photo-4
4. @jasonmunapasee-3
5. @adi.pisces-2
6. @muliadi988-
7. @adivender-1


List- NameCementNote
1. Cement6Villagers


1Responsible Fields@sultan-aceh
2Treasurer for Development@jasonmunapasee
3Checking Assistance Fund Transactions@grisaia-steem
4Field Inspectors@digitals-photo
5Information and Documentation@adi.pisces
6Implementation withMembers @aceh-team

Development Information

DevelopmentPlaces of Worship and places of Education
LocationBuket Village
Support@dobartim - @xpilar - @stephenkendal - Team Norway
SurveiCommunity @worldofxpilar - @aceh-team and @sultan-aceh



Semoga Pembangunan Mushalla Ini Berjalan Dengan Lancar Dan Semoga Cepat Selesai Biar Orang Orang Bisa Sholat Di Mushalla Tersebut, @sultan-aceh

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terima kasih @zubir-steem
senang mendengarnya
semoga cepat selesai

Heheh Sama sama bang🥰 @sultan-aceh

Hola como estas, que hermosa labor el de ayudar eso llena el corazón y das sonrisas a otras personas.

Hello @sultan-aceh… I have chosen your post on “-Development Achievements - Steemit Assisted Village and Build a Mushalla AL-Qariah in Aceh-” for my daily initiative to re-test - vote and comment...
Let's keep working and supporting each other to grow in Steemit.

Semoga proyek ini berjalan dengan lancar,sukses selalu,, seperti yang @Zubir-steem katakan,,😀😀

Alhamdulillah, the place of worship already has its foundations. Now a bright future awaits the village with the construction of a place of worship there. To all the teams concerned, both in the field and those who help donations as an active behind the scenes, I pray that health is always given, especially for @ sultans-aceh, keep the spirit even though the distance you have to travel is very far to help build a place of worship in the village. .

regards @grisaia-steem

I hope this construction will finish quickly, so that the villagers of Bouquet can worship in congregation together

Keep up with the great job.

 5 months ago 

Alahamdulillah,pembangunan ini begitu cepat.
Semoga akan berjalan lancar tanpa hambatan dalam pembangunan Mushalla ini.

Mudah-mudahan pembuatan musholla ini tidak terkendala , kita doakan selesai seperti yang kita harapkan, dan secepatnya bisa di pakai oleh warga setempat untuk beribadah, tetap semangat bang @sultan-aceh 👌👌👌

Alhamdulillah, work is in good way.

Dengan berkah nya Ramadhan, semoga berjalan sesuai rencana!

Dear @sultan-aceh you're trying your best, only God will bless you for your service to humanity..

 5 months ago 

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Semoga musalla ini cepat selesai

Semoga rumah ibadah ini cepat selesai sesuai apa yang sudah di rencanakan . Amin .
Dan semoga pihak yang bertanggung jawab yaitu @sultan-aceh selalu sehat dan kuat dalam menjalani aktifitas yang mulia ini . Amin