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Today, I would like to show you all, the insect life which consists of:

  • the mother of batik insects
  • a batik insect child

This type of batik insect, has owned and raised it in the branches of wild trees in the diaceh forest, by having some of their characteristics, is always on the wild trees that have thorns, this wild tree, over time, will look dry, and die by itself, if this batik insect, continues to live its life on the prickly fruit that you see, in the initial image below :


Life of Batik insects

The picture above and the picture below, is the type of female parent of the batik insect, which has a habit of keeping her young so as not to become a threat to predators from other insects.

however, the wheel of life is always turning, this batik insect,
continue to survive, while these trees and wild flowers, die by themselves over the land. over time, in the wilderness.

There are many differences in the behavior of the young insects, some just look silent and some move across the land, moving to another position, from the group that has been above, this wild forest fruit.

Below, you can see, the whole photo of the child of the batik insect is above a wild tree branch. let's take a look at it below.


Life of Batik insects


Life of Batik insects


Life of Batik insects


Life of Batik insects


Life of Batik insects


Life of Batik insects


Life of Batik insects

Hopefully you have seen it, that is the life of batik insects and their children in the wild trees in the forest in Aceh.

I hope you are happy to see it and hope it is useful for all of us, in getting to know the types of insects that live in the forest.

I end with a word
Have a good day, always happy with family

Hilsen @sultan-aceh



PhotographyLife of Insect
Location PhotoACEH FOREST
Camera usedHandphone



Hermosa escena, una mezcla de fauna y flora en una secuencia de imágenes

Saludos 🇻🇪 👍

thank you so much

Es muy grato para mi conocer un poco mas de los insectos ya que solo conoscos muy pocos y comunes aquí en mi país Venezuela.
gracias por compartir un poco de sus imágenes.

thank you so much

 2 months ago (edited)

Cukop haloh serangga yang deng bak boh jrun, deuh neu kalen hehee

Nyan ka loen pateh, memang droneuh pemburu serangga namber wan, wate neu drop gamba pih cukop mendetil, sampe deuh loen kalen motif bentuk yang mirip dengan seni batik yang na di tuboh serangga bak gamba nyoe.

Luar biasa, krakk barang 👍👍👍

thank you so much

Sama-sama 😊

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