Long Neck Beetle in Aceh Forest

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Long Neck Beetle in Aceh Forest

today I will show you another type of insect that has a long neck, which has lived in the forests of Aceh, this type of beetle, surely you all have never seen it, before in your country, but this type of flower you will see now, in my blog post here steemit.com

this type of beetle is indeed a strange and rare type of beetle, in the life that I have seen now and have never seen before, this type of beetle, has known of my existence and wants to fly, but nevertheless, the camera that I have, took some of the appearance of the image. at this time this beetle, is above the Leaf branch.

Like what kind of beetle I mean, let's see below.


Leaf Spiders


Leaf Spiders


Leaf Spiders


Leaf Spiders


Leaf Spiders


Leaf Spiders


Leaf Spiders


Leaf Spiders


Leaf Spiders


Leaf Spiders


Leaf Spiders

this is what I can say, I hope you enjoy seeing it with your family at home.

don forget #promosteem and #trx in your country

Hilsen @sultan-aceh


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Macro PhotographyLong Neck Beetle in Aceh Forest
Location PhotoAceh Forest
Camera usedHandphone



Serangga kecil terlihat jelas makronya, luar biasa setiap foto yang @sultan-aceh tunjukkan

This insect is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Luar biasa gagah seperti beco, gambar yang sungguh sangat sempurna

Sungguh luar biasa,binatang ini sangat langka,terimakasih telah berbagi..

Serangga yang sangat langka.
Serta gambar yang sangat jelas

This beetle is absolutely fantastic, because I've never seen one before. It's an amazing picture. I like the photo, it's great 👍👍👍

Sangat indah dan sangat menyenangkan ketika kita melihatnya karena sangat sempurna. Terimakasih telah berbagi @sultan-aceh.

 3 months ago 

Selalu menapilkan yang terbaik.

Very good hunt sir...
I never see that beetle before

yayaya,,,sungguh menarik

How are you dear friend @ sultan-aceh good afternoon
You always surprise us with your beautiful images, I must admit that I never saw anything like it
Thank you very much for showing us this peculiar insect
Have a beautiful night