Macrophotography Sea Slugs on Rocks

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Macrophotography Sea Slugs on Rocks

Years and months keep changing, until the day has brought my two feet walking by the sea, which is in the city of lhokseumawe, tracing the seafront, walking over land, with eyes that look towards one goal, namely sea slugs, which are alive or off the edge of the sea, every day.

Tired of finding snails on the edge of the sea, not an obstacle to stepping back, but this is an activity I do, to get snails, so I can show all users on the Steemit Flatform social media.

With the photo Macrophotography technique, many of my younger students have been able to show their hidden skills, to target several other types of snails, on the edge of the sea, and other types, such as:

  • Beetle
  • Insects
  • Flower
  • etc

including snails, which you will see below.


The area of ​​the seabed in the city of Lhokseumawe, is indeed known as the edge of the big rock, this is because, almost all of the seafront in Aceh, is surrounded by large stones, to dispel, sea water, which will move to the settlements of residents on the edge of the sea.

other observations, so the life of snails, many of which move, up the rocks, which is caused by high tides.

There are many types of this snail, but for us to find it, it takes a very long time.

what kind of snail I mean, let's look at it below :












That's what I mean, with the life of a snail on a rock, I hope you are happy to see it, and become a starting guide, for those of you who want to learn macro photo at home.

I end with a word
Have a good day, always happy with family

don forget #promosteem and #tron in your country

Hilsen @sultan-aceh


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Macro PhotographyMacrophotography Sea Slugs on Rocks
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Asal jangan memandang ke yang lain aja bg...

thank you so much @umar-k

Alam adalah rumah raksasa bagi setiap makhluk hidup, selanjutnya biarkan kita menikmati semua keindahan yang alam tawarkan. Koleksi gambarnya oke punya bang, "meu blek-blek mata oeh long kalen" 😍👍👍👍

thank you so much @midiagam

Sama-sama bang @sultan-aceh 😊

kiban inan bang .. sehat neuh

Alhamdulillah, sehat bang.

Inan kbn bang ?

To be honest, I am quite amused by this picture of a sea snail, very interesting.

thank you so much @fackrurrazi

Thank you again

the sea always prepares a variety of very unique snails, from the shapes and colors that we meet, this is proof that how beautiful and rich nature is, very interesting pictures.

thank you so much @digitals-photo

Foto yang sangat luar biasa bagus bg @sultan-aceh

thank you so much @taillah

Another amazing photo! Makes me want to go to the beach, haha.

thank you so much @mrchef111

You are very welcome!

Sangat luar biasa,kualitas gambar anda semakin meningkat.

thank you so much @jasonmunapasee

Yeah,welcome @sultan-aceh.

Sangat menakjubkan gambarnya, sangat indah dan sangat sempurna, brother @sultan-aceh

thank you so much @adi.pisces

Sama-sama brother @sultan-aceh

ok bang ... kiban inan ... lam sago keude

Alhamdulillah aman bang , cuma Kon bak keude , posisi na di rumoh , inan kiban bang?

Keren photonya 👍

terima kasih @tucsond

Sama-sama Bang....
Saya juga mengucapkan Terima kasih sudah jadikan Saya Member Group.

pat tinggai .... pajan jeut murumpok
kiban lon hubungi
hehe ...awak aceh lagow

Tinggal di Lhok Bang.
Get Bang, pajan na wate Droen long siap murumpok Droen.
Pah that Lon jet meureno bak Droen tentang Steemit, long Lee Hana memphom Lom.
Teurimong Geunaseh 👍😊

lon bak #original #copy jino
pu ka neueh.
bah lon preh

Lake maaf Bang, Baro long baca beritanya....🙏

the snail is soo beutyful!

thnx for the photos and contribution!


thank you so much @eythor-photo

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