Red Dragonfly "Two Winged"

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Red Dragonfly "Two Winged"

Today, I will show, this type of red dragonfly, which has two wings connected to the body of this dragonfly, this type of dragonfly, has a very large size, however, in order to get a good gambat from close range, this type of dragonfly, can I photo from sam [aing and front.

There are many types of dragonflies, such as:

  • Open field.
  • Close to the river
  • Close to the lake

which I mentioned above, may be a starting guide, if we want to find the type of dragonfly as you can see.

but so you understand, the type of dragonfly that I mean, in the explanation above, let's look at it below.


Red Dragonfly


Red Dragonfly


Red Dragonfly


Red Dragonfly


Red Dragonfly

that's an explanation, which I can provide, hopefully useful.

I end with a word
Have a good day, always happy with family

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Hilsen @sultan-aceh


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PhotographyRed Dragonfly
Location PhotoAceh Forest
Camera usedHandphone



very amazing, the image of the dragonfly that you display is so clear that the details on the dragonfly are clearly visible.

thank you so much

Ini pasti berat perjuangan untuk menaklukkan nya, fantastic @sultan-aceh!!!

thank you so much

Bidikan yang sangat bagus bg,,, mantap,,

thank you so much

Gambar yang sangat bagus bg @sultan-aceh

thank you so much

Unmatched photos!

And thank you very much!

Luar biasa fotonya Bang, pengambilan gambarnya sangat menakjubkan dan sangat jelas

Sama-sama bang :)

Mantap kali ah, jadi pengen mendalami macro photography.

thank you so much

Wow.Best photography , have never seen this in my life. Thanks for your sharing.💙

thank you so much

Wow.Looks like the king dragonfly.
Very sharp shot ....

thank you so much

Wow, have never seen this!! Thank you for sharing!!

thank you so much

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