Seafront snails macrophotography

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Seafront snails

Today, on my way to find material for my post, I tried to trace the edge of the sea in the city of Hokseumawe. when he got there, even though it was still a little darker, while waiting for the sun to rise. i am looking for some sea snails.

sea snails that I found, their presence is often seen in several places, for example:

  • the sea
  • river
  • pond

because of different types, we often just call it a snail.

below, you can see, the snail that I photographed, from several different points of view, with photo techniques, namely:

  • macro
  • photography

What kind of picture that I took by the sea, let's see it below :


Seafront snails


Seafront snails


Seafront snails


Seafront snails


Seafront snails


Seafront snails


Seafront snails

this is what I can say, I hope you are happy to see it.

I end with a word
Have a good day, always happy with family

don forget #promosteem and #tron in your country

Hilsen @sultan-aceh


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It's a very high quality image.
It looks so perfect.

photo singa laut yang sangat indah

wow .......
the more days the picture you display makes me amazed to see it.

 8 days ago (edited)

Saya sangat suka melihat matanya 😍

ini ada pakai lensa tambahan bang?

Really amazing! Thanks for sharing

pengambilan yang sangat tepat pada sasaran nya,sulit untuk menjadi seperti photographer @sultan-aceh

Fantastic... Ini baru luar biasa bg @sultan-aceh, bernilai seni!

Gambar yang sangat luar biasa bagus bg @sultan-aceh

 7 days ago 

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Mantap, luar biasa fotonya brother @sultan-aceh