Spiral shape snail shell

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Spiral shape snail shell

Spiral Shaped Snail Shell

On this very happy day, I would like to show all of you, the types of marine life, which have existed throughout the seashore in Aceh.

On this occasion, the type of snail shell that I want to show, with a strange and unique shape, this type, is in the sea sand when I take a photo.

Another slash of water that slowly opens up a viewing area, on the edge of the sea, with small waves, so I have to be around the edge of the sea for a few minutes, to take some photos, which I want to show you all.

indeed ... this type of snail shell does not look beautiful, but from a different point of view, to know all kinds of snails or snail shells that are on the edge of the sea, as a marine science, I am very happy, to be able to do this shell shoot, in several different points of view of the eye.

What kind of spiral-shaped snail shells I photographed, let's look at them below.


Spiral shape snail shell


Spiral shape snail shell


Spiral shape snail shell


Spiral shape snail shell


Spiral shape snail shell


Spiral shape snail shell


Spiral shape snail shell


Spiral shape snail shell

that's the whole picture of the snail shell that I found on the edge of the sea, I hope you're happy to see it.

I end with a word
Have a good day, always happy with family

don forget #promosteem and #tron in your country

Hilsen @sultan-aceh


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Macro PhotographySpiral shape snail shell
Location PhotoAceh
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Cangkang siput ini terlihat sangat indah dan nampak sangat jelas, walaupun anda sebutkan cangkang siput ini tidak indah, tapi gambar ini menurut saya sangat indah dan sempurna brother @sultan-aceh

Bentuk cangkang yang sangat sempurna dengan teknik pengambilan yang begitu bagus

 2 months ago (edited)

Saya melihat cangkang kerang ini mirip dengan gasing yang sedang berputar, dengan garis putaran yang melingkar di setiap permukaan cangkang.

Saya akan berbohong jika mengatakan gambar cangkang kerang ini tidak bagus. Justru ia terlihat sangat menarik 👍👍👍

No matter how good it is,if the way to take the picture is not good,then it will look very bad.
But your image looks so perfect.

Professional photo techniques ....

luar biasa bang ,sangat indah photographer tentang karang laut,karena memiliki ke indahan pada warnannya

 2 months ago (edited)

Such an amazing photo! Great composition. The depth of field and focus point are perfect. Stunning photos! All this with a camera phone? Which phone?


Fibonacci. So much beauty 👌great post