Tortoise beetle transparent "brilliant colour"

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Tortoise beetle transparent

The cold night, has made me sleep soundly, despite listening to the sounds of various types of insects or the like, which were heard from all over my house, until my eyes fell asleep, to the sound of chickens who were crowing, marked ... the day had begun morning. ... I was awakened ... carrying out activities as usual.

The next is me straight away

  • clean the camera
  • prepare the camera and lens

I immediately walked, looking at trees, wood and leaves, which were still young. because the target that I'm stalking is, the type of tortoise beetle is transparent.

after some time I walked, hoping to see some kind of insect on the edge of the forest, apparently I still did not get any results.

after the sun began to shine, I slowly went into the middle of the forest, a sign of the existence of this species, only found, some like slime, which is above the leaves.

the characteristics of existence

this mucus, which signifies me, that ... this type, is around the leaves, which often hide under the leaves, and only are, above the leaves, when the sun starts to look bright.

after a few hours ago, the sun began to shine brightly, the heat of the morning sun, too, was felt, in my body.

as I guessed, this type of transparent turtle insect, began to appear, above the leaves.

the first picture I took, remained in a condition from a great distance. as in the picture below :


Tortoise beetle transparent

As you can see in the picture above, like that, the shape and type of the transparents tortoise Beetle. facing a small grasshopper. which is right above the leaf.

the little grasshopper that looks, most likely, has been the target, of this beetle, to be used as a mango, on a leaf. but ... because my arrival has been seen, by these two types of insects and beetles, little grasshoppers ... first fly, leaving the beetle above the leaves.


Tortoise beetle transparent

it turns out ... after seeing the grasshopper had flown, with a moment, even this transparent turtle beetle, wanted to avoid, from the round object, the end of the camera, which I directed at him ... frankly ... at a time like this, I can only hope ... my shot, did no fly. "hehehhe"

you can see in the picture, this transparent turtle beetle, is already on the edge of the leaf, if you are in this condition ..... especially a photographer ... such an opportunity, very valuable, even though the ant, has bitten, on the elbow .

inevitably ... yes ... have to endure the pain, in order to get, a picture like the picture below.


Tortoise beetle transparent

After a while, after seeing this transparent turtle beetle, was not disturbed, then ... I immediately took another picture, following the direction of the body, which was seen, in the next picture.


Tortoise beetle transparent

although I have to take pictures, from a distance again, it does not matter to me ... as long as ... this type, does not feel disturbed, with my presence around him.

however, slowly, I began to bring it closer again, the tip of the camera lens, my agr, can take pictures, closer and ... closer, before this transparent turtle beetle flew.


Tortoise beetle transparent

the distinctive color of Transparent tortoise beetle

This characteristic beetle color, as you can see in the picture below, with small shapes or patterns, such as writing and fragmentary. very shiny, very easy if we, know if it is already, right above the leaf.

but if not yet, above the leaves ... yes we have to look for, whereabouts first. You can see, the picture below


Tortoise beetle transparent

transparent shell

in the upper shell, which covers the whole body of this type of beetle, looks like transparent, we can see, the shape of the legs and body, from the whole body of the tortoise beetle.

You can see again, the picture below


Tortoise beetle transparent


this type, almost the same as other types of insects, for example:

  • small insects
  • insect eggs
  • ant
  • ant eggs
  • rind
  • leaf bark

well ... if it's in a flower plant, this type, I'm very rare, can find it, except in the forest.

thus, this is my explanation, of this type of beetle, which I have tried to observe in real life, of all insects and beetles, which are in the forest.

I, too, apologize, what I have explained here, is broader about, what I experienced, during my trip, searching for this species, in the forest.

the pictures that I produced, and the ones I posted, in the form of insects and beetles, and what I have shown, to all of you, I still have this type of video, for my documentation, which I recorded with a camera, "recorded video", with duration of several minutes.

I hope that I convey this, it can be useful, even though it looks beautiful, but this type, including in the category of leaf pest, then .. we should do prevention, on your plants at home, from leaf pests

I end with the words, greetings @sultan-aceh

Information and Community Steem

InsectTortoise beetle transparent
LocationSp. Kramat Forest
Camera usedCanon EOS 600D
Lens Camera Modif18-55mm
Photographer by@sultan-aceh


Wanderful insect,,, have a nice day bro

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only above the leaf @nevlu123
glad you saw it

Very interesting insect, never seen anything like that before. The transparent shell makes it unique among the most insects. Have a great day!

thank you for coming and commenting @funtraveller

glad to hear it, you like to see it
now you have seen it
have a nice day too, @funtraveller

regards @sultan-aceh

Sekilas bentuk kumbang nyoe memang menyerupai kura-kura, bedanya hanya ukurannya yang kecil. Tapi melalui gambar yang terpotret, kumbang droneuh
jepret nyoe tampak jelas takalen.

Jroh that gamba kali nyoe. Krakkk barang 👍👍👍


teurimong geunaseh @midiagam
that neu pujow ... lagow .. hehehehe

miseuw na alat.. madum jeut ta photo, lagak lagak
miseuw hana alat...han ek ta bloe meuhai that.. tapeugot.. lage lensa lonnyo

Lensa droe neuh pakek jinoe, nyan super duper mewah bagi long, hawa teuh cit na lage nyan saboh hehe

Amazing color insect

thank you @golden.future
I hope you are happy to see the color @golden.future


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