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Today, I will show again, the progress in the construction of the house Steemians @tailah.bayu, which is still under construction, in several more stages in the future.

My explanation below, I summarize the whole real work with @aceh-team members, in a true story that we adopted in helping Aceh Steemians, a journey to build Steem's house, supported by Team Steemit - @steemcurator01, in providing upvote. We really appreciate together the main sponsor @dobartim - @xpilar - @stephenkendal, as well as the support from the Steem Family who has provided donations, support and prayers, so that the achievement of this steem house construction becomes a reality. in the next few days.

Please support from all of you, to the Steemit @tailah.bayu users

The journey of the Aceh-Team members

Preparing for a trip to a house that was under construction, we agreed to gather at one of the coffee shops in the city of Hokseumawe, after gathering, while waiting for the sun to rise, we continued walking slowly, towards the village we were going to go to, namely Cot Murbo.


Crossing a road that is still quiet and dark, towards a rural village, does not make the spirit that we already have decreased, the body is warm, has become cold and feels stiff, when the village we are going to, is almost there.


pausing for a moment, while breathing the fresh air from the edge of the mountain of a village, where a Steemians @tailah.bayu, lives with his wife and family.

The village borders are beginning to appear, our enthusiasm continues to drive the two-wheeled vehicle, which we drive, to get to our destination quickly.


House Construction

Below, we will see, house construction, 1 day before, after we jointly conduct monitoring together with all members of @aceh-team, in the work of building this house, let's see two initial pictures as a continuation of development, which continues.





House construction was resumed

Next, during our trip, below all the activities that we carried out together with all the workers who built this Assistance House, with the full support of the community around the location where the house was built, some meals and drinks of coffee and tea were also given.

In the activity below, all of you can see, some members of the aceh-team @grisaia-steem and @partner-macro, are carrying a bucket, which contains cement, while @jasonmunapasee, is mixing cement, which is only visible part of the head, the cement that is inserted ,, which will used by workers, to tie bricks. which is useful for making the walls of the house.

House construction was resumed





As you can see above, in the activity of building a house @tailah.bayu, everything took place very quickly, tirelessly, all enthusiastically with the enthusiasm to help their siblings, in order to get a decent house, for their families in Aceh.

below, because at noon, all workers gather in a place, to perform other activities, such as:

  • Sholat
  • Lunch
  • Drinking coffee
  • and take a short break.

However, below, some documentation that has been taken with a cellphone camera, which we would like to show to all of you, in order to know, the progress of housing construction that is currently under construction in the Cot Murbo area - Aceh.





House construction was resumed

after all have finished taking a break, workers begin to regroup, carry out activities, according to their respective fields, such as:

  • stirring cement
  • collect bricks
  • stacking bricks with cement
  • pulling the thread as a straightener mall
  • set up a rectangular iron pole.
  • window settings
  • door setting
  • etc

all of you, can see it below, in the photo that I have arranged neatly, so that all of you can see it at home, that the house that is being built, will be completed in a few more stages in the future.

let's look at it together below, the whole picture that I have compiled neatly. in the house building activities for @tailah assistance

















As you can see above, that is the kind of activity that is taking place in the real world, in the construction of Steem houses for Acehnese residents.

Rain and wind

Rain and wind, surely no one can expect to come suddenly, however, this is what happened, rain, wind and thunder, taking place after noon, unavoidable natural conditions, as I have said before, So, I was forced to stop the activities, in order to avoid something that we didn't want to happen, the construction of houses would be continued tomorrow, 7, April 2021. Because the rain did not stop, until late in the evening, around the forest area where this house was built.


Electricity and Additional Materials

For the house building process, so that it is carried out and there are no obstacles, then, electricity and several other additional equipment, procurement is immediately carried out at the location of the house construction, so that the house construction process can be carried out more quickly, several things are added.

Electric Meter Installation

  • Dismantling the electric meter box at the old house, moved to the new house, so that it can be used for lighting, while sleeping in the temporary shack in front of the house. "special guardian of purchased building materials @desainer-steem Member World Of Xpilar @aceh-team"

  • can take advantage of, electricity for other purposes to cut iron, at the location of house construction, faster.





Zinc delivery car

Zinc in a special shape and length, according to the size of the house, to avoid leaking, in other types of zinc, which is calculated per sheet.



Bricks Addition Car

  • there are some parts of the wall, not sufficient, from the number of bricks ordered beforehand. due to rainy conditions, brick and mortar providers can provide certainty. it must be purchased separately or from another provider.



Glass Block walls

  • which will be installed on the door



Direct Help

In this section, @belkanca, between the breaks, handed over direct cement assistance to Mrs. @tailah.bayu, on behalf of the Personal and Community of World Of Xpilar. Local @aceh-team, representing other friends, who are working to build houses.

let's take a look below :



3 . Details of the Provisional Development Budget
4 . Proof of Purchase - Invoice

Information :

All Cost Details, are in total calculation, and will be notified, in the next post, this is because the construction process is still ongoing tomorrow.

Hello Steemians All, I hope you have seen it, the overall progress in the construction of this house, through the picture above, hopefully in the next few days, this house, is ready to be occupied by our brother @tailah.bayu.

I represent @sultan-aceh and members of the Aceh Team, @WorldOf Xpilar community, to convey thousands of thanks, to those who have supported all of these activities, both in the real world, online, enthusiastic support, and prayers.

Requesting assistance from:

Hopefully this project submission will receive support from all parties.

A big thank you, from me representing the World Of Xpilar Community
who have helped in the form of field workers, during this development, including the people of Cot Murbo Village

This is what I can say, for the time being, ahead of tomorrow's next process. "Date. 07 april 2021"


Responsible Field - Vote from Home - House in Progress
World Of Xpilar community

100% Voting this post to @tailah.bayu

The results of 100% voting on this post will be given to @tailah.bayu and @tailah.bayu, which will be used for the cost of building houses and the purchase of subsequent building materials.

New Donations Round Three - Vote For Home - Progress

List - Vote For Home - ProgressSTEEMSBD
1. @bippe250-
2. @dobartim100-
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5. @muliadi986-

New Donations Round Two - Vote For Home - Progress

List - Vote For Home - ProgressSTEEMSBD
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Donation List

List- Name Days 1STEEMSBD
1. @xpilar-25
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List- Name Days 2STEEMSBD
1. @hingsten154.990-
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4. @bippe-10

Note :
Donations can be sent to the wallet @sultan-aceh address, and will be sent directly to @taillah.bayu and family.


1Responsible Fields@sultan-aceh
2Treasurer for Development@jasonmunapasee
3Checking Assistance Fund Transactions@grisaia-steem
4Field Inspectors@digitals-photo
5Information and Documentation@adi.pisces
6Implementation withMembers @aceh-team

Development Information

LocationCot Murbo 1 - Kecamatan Kuta Makmur - Aceh Utara
Support@dobartim - @stephenkendal @xpilar and Team Norway
SurveiCommunity @worldofxpilar - @aceh-team and @sultan-aceh


 6 months ago 

Great Job My friend

Thank you so much @dobartim :)

 6 months ago 

You are welcome

Fantastic! How quickly you built a house.
Mom smiles, how nice to see!
I still have 10 Steem free, I'll send it to you tomorrow morning. My most favorite project on Steemit at the moment!
Thank you so much for your beautiful post, @sultan-aceh

Thank you so much @vipnata :)
glad you helped the Steemians Aceh
we'll be together, maybe forever
thank you for your donation

Thanks to you for your useful and important project, @sultan-aceh

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Check your wallet, I contributed support of the project!!!

Good to see progress so far, keep on with good work.



thank you @davidad
glad you helped the Steemians Aceh

 6 months ago 

You are welcome @sultan-aceh

Hope you doing good and family too..

 6 months ago 

Finally a dream house @tailah.bayu is almost finished,This is all the hard work of @sultan-aceh, he is the one who is most instrumental here, thanks to his hard work and also with the help of @aceh-team and also from the help of other steemit users ,,finally this house is almost finished,I am very happy to see our brother @tailah.bayu and his family able to live in this new house.
Thank you @sultan-aceh for helping @tailah.bayu to get this way.

And do not forget to give my thanks to @xpilar, @dobartim, @stephenkendal, those who are very helpful here, and I also apologize to all who I did not mention their names.
Because there is so much that I have to mention,Thank you to everyone who helped build the house @tailah.bayu.

terima kasih banyak atas perhatian dan bantuan tenaga anda @jasonmunapasee

 6 months ago 

Yeah,sama-sama,, kerja sama itu akan selalu memberikan kemenangan,,saya selalu membaca kata-kata yang di tulis oleh @dobartim.
Sukses selalu untuk semuanya....

Alhamdulilah rumah nya hampir selesai,,

terima kasih atas perhatian anda @humaidi

Sama_sama bg

Mudadahan jepat siap dan jangan sampai ada rintanga apa apa @sultan-aceh

Thanks for your comment @ammacrophoto :)

walaupun dalam kondisi musim hujan, semoga selesai cepat, karena bulan suci Ramadhan hampir tiba,

Tetap semangat buat semuanya,,,,,,,!!

Thanks for your comment @partner-macro :)

This really looks beautiful , so many photographs you shared and i really liked seeing all of them.
I will wait for the day to see the complete fully finished house.

All the best 💛

Thank you so much @theindiantrader :)

Mudah-mudahan rumah ini dapat di selesaikan bulan ini, agar saudara kita @tailah.bayu segera bisa menempatinya...

amiiiin ... thank you for the help and enthusiasm from you @adi.pisces

Sama-sama bang, semoga sukses selalu👌👌👌

Wow...a lot of good deeds can be done through this platform and obviously,this is one of such. Thanks for awesome initiative. Cheers

toast to you too @stephenpaul
Thanks for your comment

Saya sangat senang melihat kondisi rumah taillah bayu hampir selesai.semoga berjalan dengan lancar.

Thanks for your comment @lensaphoto :)

kerja bagus, lanjutkan.

Thanks for your comment @fackrurrazi :)

The dream of owning a new home will soon come true. Hopefully it goes according to plan, so that the process of working on this house can be completed quickly.

Thanks for your comment @midiagam :)

Sama-sama bang @sultan-aceh 😊

Dreams now turn into reality..this is an awesome project..may God bless and reward everyone that assist in one way and another to make this huge achievements.

Thanks for your comment @mreasy :)

Alhamdulillah hampir selesai, semoga semuanya berjalan dengan lancar dan tidak ada kendala apapun.

Thanks for your comment @lensa-macro :)

suksek terus aduen..,,

Thanks for your comment @arsyadmaulana :)
bek peuget cagok le beuoh ... pat jino, ping wa.... lon...lon bak original kopi :)

Friend @sultan-aceh, I believe that the new owner will be satisfied with the new house. After building the house, I hope you will suggest arranging the space around the house, decorate it with some flowers or something at your discretion. I pray for @tailah.bayu and his new home, that the work on the house is completed and that it is completed in the near future. @tailah.bayu I wish you a warm and soothing home. I wish you all the best and a lot of success in life.
Thanks to the Steem community, for the charity

Salut saya bang, semoga kekompakan terus terjaga dengan baik dan selalu di ridhoi oleh ALLAH SWT. Pengen bantu bang, tapi apa daya bang dan do'a aja semoga semuanya berjalan dengan apa yang semua orang inginkan.amin

amiiin.... ya ...tidak apa- apa ...dengan seiring berdoa juga sudah sangat membantu.


Bg @sultan-aceh cara bergabung ke komunitas aceh-team gimana bg mohon bimbingannya bg

Wow! This really becoming interesting.
I'm really proud of the#Ache-Team and the @worldofxpilar community for the progress so far.

To my honorable friends/Steemians,
I hope this post interest you to support. Thanks!

What a good job @sultam-aceh, Blessings !!!!

Increíble el avance logrado hasta ahora, muy buen trabajo en equipo @sultan-aceh, tuve la oportunidad de ver nacer este proyecto y ahora en pleno desarrollo. Que gusto, mucha suerte y muchas bendiciones hermano, gran trabajo.

 6 months ago 

Have my little jcar support from @jsquare account to support the project of the house; keep the good spirit.