WILD FLOWER | Wild Flowers full of colour and Morning dew

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Wild Flowers full of colour and Morning dew

Today, I will see again, the kind of wild flower which has many colors in a single flower branch, the kind of flower that you see here, has several characteristic colors, if you look at the picture.

This type of flower is indeed very abundant along the road to diaceh forest, or bushes along the road. By having this very beautiful color, this type of flower is now starting to be seen by several small business owners throughout the village, for sale.

Morning dew

This type of flower, besides having a beautiful color, has other beauty and uniqueness, which is in each flower collection, try to pay attention to the small flowers, you can certainly see, above this type of wild flower, there are small and delicate grains, with different colors. very clear, it was the morning dew, which clung to the top of this wild flower, until near noon. but when the sun has shone brightly, the tiny droplets that are very similar to the crystals "morning dew" will disappear over time.

let us look at the types of flowers that I mean below :


Wild Flowers

I hope you've seen it in the picture above, that's the kind of wild flower I mean.

However, below, you will see the sequence, this type of wild flower, as it first develops, until it becomes a flower of color and beauty, which is along the road to the forest.

I deliberately arranged the order of the images below so that you can see the progress of this type of wild flower over time.


Wild Flowers


Wild Flowers


Wild Flowers


Wild Flowers

After you see the sequence of images, the growth of this type of wild flower, what you should know again is, this type of flower, can help those of you who have a new camera or lens, to test the sharpness of the color produced by the camera you have.

Thus, the image you get will be very good, but my advice, if you want to photograph this type of flower, take advantage of situations, such as:

  • morning
  • afternoon

because the light that will enter the lens, will be less, and very different, if you are shooting during the day, good luck.

This is what I can say about this type of wild flower.

I end with a word
Have a good day, always happy with family

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Hilsen @sultan-aceh



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 2 months ago 

Almost can smell it )

hehehehe he
takk Axeman

It's beautiful! I love how you speak about this flower, and yo've made the story and the picture so real, that I think I've been there for a second or two haha. Beautiful!

thank you so much @belenguerra

2 seconds is not enough if you are near a flower in aceh.. hehehhe
it takes a few hours to find and see beautiful types of flowers, for us to photograph.

Oh yes @sultan-aceh haha, I understand. I'm more a landscapes photographer, but I spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect angle haha. But, there's no time like that, right? It's the best. Look at this flower (I haven't used it yet in one of my posts, so it's a secret between you and me haha). I'll do it in this week I think, but take a look.


It blows my mind, is like if its where looking at me.

I don't want you to test me

Anemone hupehensis flowers


yes @belenguerra
types of herbaceous flowers
very good for shaping the health of the body, but this type is very rarely used now in my country, it is not easy to mix it naturally, only special people can know how, the name of this flower, often referred to as Anemone hupehensis

You are great, have found this type of flower there

you've posted it, but you forgot ...
I've seen it

It's a flower like Korean star candy^^ Star candy is very sweet~~~^^

yes @dreamb

do you mean "yuppy" candy

 2 months ago (edited)

Bunga lantana, kalau orang ditempat saya tinggal biasa menyebut bunga ini dengan sebutan "Bungong cirih." sep meu keutam gamba wate long kalen toe lage nyoe. Mangat oeh ta pandang, sampe meunyum lam mangat hate. (Mameh kuah-kuah)

(Mameh kuah-kuah)

Inilah yang disebut sebuah maha karya dengan kekuatan yang mampu menghipnotis jutaan pasang mata.

Wonder picture 👍👍👍

cagok lom nyow ... kon kuah nyan hai... bungong lagee eh bombon.
hehehe ..

kalage tukang sulap ... lom

Sep na teuh, pokok jih meunan lah 😃

Bunga liar ini sangat menawan dan menakjubkan saya sangat menyukainya.

It's looking so nice dear..

Thank you so much @nevlu123

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