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RE: Mäx im Schnee

in WORLD OF XPILAR4 months ago

Hi Mäx!

I'm very happy to see your photos and your mistress' post again..... You are so lucky to see the first snow. Yeah! I love snow very much, too. (But, I haven't even touch it by myself before.) It's really great to see everything covering with snow like these.

You and your friend are so smart. I enjoyed watching you walking and playing in the snow. You both look happy.

You and your mistress live in a very nice village indeed. I especially love the 13th picture. It looks like the village is in the fairy tale.

The trees in the 4th and 7th are wonderful, especially when covering with snow like these.

Your footprints in the thick snow are amazing.

Thanks so much for sharing. I can touch the cool atmosphere via your photos. Great capture!

Take care and stay warm, @chriddi and Mäx!


But, I haven't even touch it by myself before

I wish that you can have this experience someday.
The first time is intense, but then you just have fun!
Okay, I don't have to scrape a car free and get into long accident jams either.... ;-)

Thank you so much for your kind comment. Mistress is always very happy when you stop by and like her pictures.... :-))

your Mäx

You are much welcome, Mäx and your mistress!

Many thanks for your kind wish..... I also do really hope to have this excellent experience someday.

Have a wonderful day, Mäx and your mistress!! ;))