Dramatic drawing of a Boy with high contrast.

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Happy Sunday Friends,
I am currently working on securing a new phone, perhaps an IPhone, I don't really like the camera effects of my current phone and how it kills the vibrancy of my strokes but then, I still have no option at the moment but to do well with it for now.

I made the above drawing today even though I had my reference picture snapped some days ago, today's isn't a life drawing, and there was even an heavy rainfall today which also affected the interesting effect that I should have gotten from my mobile camera if only there was sunlight. But, the drawing itself is quite interesting and captivating enough, I worked more with my strokes to achieve quite an interesting sense of contrast and a meaningful depth!






Kindly share your thoughts as comments below, I'll be glad to read them all. Thanks.

Thanks for stopping by!


Hello, so beautiful drawing ! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing! 🎨

Greetings from Venezuela. 🤗🍃

Thanks friend. How's life in Venezuela?

Is so hard, my friend. And with the Covid 19, stay alive everyday Is a miracle. But we have to keep going, life goes on! Hope all bad times pass. Thanks for asking! Have a nice Day.

A great piece of art my friend 👌👌

Thanks friend. I just hope it gets more visible around here.