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So many beautiful things I find in this wilderness. Between the points of life depends on fellow living beings. The various types of life in the world, whether from humans or from plants and animals, all depend on what is alive.

Grasshoppers are a pest to humans, but in essence they are also looking for food to continue their life even though they often disturb us, both from a plant perspective or in other ways. In the ecosystem, grasshoppers have predatory properties to eat various types of plants that they like.

Animal life depends on the type of group, there are meat predators and plant predators, they are all classified as predatory groups. All of this depends on their respective habitats.

Grasshoppers are most active during the day, but sometimes also forage at night. Grasshoppers do not have nests or territories. Most of these species only gather to mate. When grasshoppers feel threatened, they will secrete fluids, this fluid can protect them. Hundreds of these tiny grasshoppers attack or eat the thriving taro leaves. These grasshoppers are both small with different colors.

Hundreds of these tiny grasshoppers can eat one large taro leaf in one day. They attack these taro leaves because they are soft and soft so they are easy to eat.

I found their picture on the way to the fields. According to estimates, they ate the taro leaves in the vicinity where I found them had been going on for several days. In most of the taro leaves, only the stalk remains.

Some of the saplings from the taro stem were dead. Hundreds of these species make this taro plant their biggest restaurant.
This beautiful nature is used by animals as a place to breed and find food. Green plants become their food world.

All of my photos are taken with a smartphone camera.!

Auto ISO camera resolution..!

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