Order coleoprata || Hemiptera insects || The main guard insects!!!

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Beetles are classified as insects in the order coleoprata. Today was the first time I saw a beetle laying eggs, this brown beetle was guarding its eggs in the grass.
They carry out a tight guard to guard the eggs. This brown insect I found was a wingless insect.

I was blown away by their fine job keeping eggs. The color of this insect is gray brown with a light brown outer color. When I got close to these animals it easily got their sweet shot. This animal feels threatened by my movements when I shoot various shooting styles. They don't leave because they guard the nest.

This is a lumpy egg shape with a light brown color. It is estimated that these eggs will hatch within a few days or a week.

To me this is the most extraordinary thing I have ever encountered. Pile of eggs and maternal insects.

The insect population is very large. That serngga is one of the animals that can survive in various habitats, and can survive in extreme places. The type of beetle that lives today.

Beetles are the largest insect species we know of, and have bright metallic colors and unique patterns and striking shapes. Beetles can be found in all forests of the world and in all habitats, and even in areas with water.

My content is not a weekly competency but I tag you @xpilar, with the reason that macro insect photography is highly appreciated by the xpilar world community as implemented by @sultan-aceh thank you.

I came across some really incredible shots of macro animals in the forests of Aceh-indonesia.

All of my photos are taken with a smartphone camera.!

Auto ISO camera resolution..!
Category : macro photography
Edits : Snapseed
Owner : @tinta-tertuang
Location : Indonesian aceh forest
Image catcher : smartphone

Thank you for viewing my content..!!!

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