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RE: Several older users have come back to life in Steem Blockchain. They are out and giving rewards to many writers.

in WORLD OF XPILAR9 months ago

I think this is an amazing thing to happen to Steemit. Recently I also saw some of the old steemit users active again, they provide good information for steemit, especially after there is tron, they can do a lot of things in exchange on the tron ​​platform. And I also hope that steemit will grow more like the previous months, and I really hope that steemit will grow back like in 2017, thousands of steemit users are competing to show their beautiful works.


Yes it's a new era in Steem, @tinta-tertuang

In the new year 2021, I really hope that Steemit will be more active again like the previous year. :)