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How are you all my dear friends? I'm fine here. In today's post I have shared with you 6 beautiful photos of mountains. I dedicate this post especially to the mountain lovers. Who prefers mountainous areas, especially in the vicinity of nature. This post I took during my Ladakh trip. You may be wondering why my post is always on Ladakh subject. I would like to make a statement for that. Ladakh is a mountainous region where God has given natural beauty in vast quantities. Due to its hilly terrain and desert location, no industrial development has taken place here. Due to lack of industrial development in the region, nature has been preserved. So like to visit this area. I have been to Ladakh 3 times. Once in a while all our friends came with a motorcycle. The advantage of taking a motorcycle is that the distance between Manali and Ladakh is approximately 410 kilometers. This whole road has to pass through mountains on winding roads. In which high passes like Khardungla also come. Its height is about 4100 meters. This place has a wonderful natural view from above. So out of the 3 times I came to Ladakh, I liked the motorcycle trip the most. In which I felt like touching the beauty of nature. I will never forget this motorcycle trip in my life.

IMG_2902 11.jpg

This is the first beautiful photo for a lover of mountains. In which beautiful layers of mountains can be seen. A beautiful V notch appears to form where the 2 mountains meet. In front of it is a plain and behind it are mountains. As I told you above, Ladakh is a mountainous and sandy area. So very few trees and plants can be seen here. This photograph is taken from Canon EOS 550D F/5.8 Focal length 37mm.

IMG_3012 22.jpg

As far as the eye can see, the mountains are visible. The view from the mountains is spectacular. These photos I have captured from near Khardungla Pass. This is a high and beautiful pass. The Nubra Valley begins with this pass. It is one of the most famous places in Ladakh. The clouds floating in the blue sky look wonderful. The combination of clouds and mountains makes this scene look beautiful. This photograph is taken from Canon EOS 550D F/10 Focal length 23mm.

IMG_3158 33.jpg

The road seen in this photo feels like it leads to heaven. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains. This road disappears in the mountains. A beautiful view is created due to the road carved into the mountains. The top of the mountain in the distance looks beautiful. This photograph is taken from Canon EOS 550D F/8 Focal length 49mm.

IMG_2843 44.jpg

The sky is made up of wonderful creations of white clouds. From a distance, mountains and clouds seem to be touching each other. Even in these photos the road between the mountains is visible disappearing. This is a really beautiful mountain scene. I like this photo the most out of all these photos. This photograph is taken from Canon EOS 550D F/10 Focal length 23mm.

IMG_3013 55.jpg

Even the mountains do appear blue because of the blue sky. There are 2 layers of clouds in the sky. In which a layer of clouds is at a low altitude. Whose shadow can be seen on the mountains. This photograph is taken from Canon EOS 550D F/11 Focal length 47mm.

IMG_2895 66.jpg

This photo also captures the layers of the mountains and the blue sky. In the side of the road are beautiful round shaped stones. Due to the flow of water, the stones are round. It's a river. When I took this photo, it had less water. This photograph is taken from Canon EOS 550D F/5.6 Focal length 27mm.

Please let me know which photo you like the most in these 6 photos. If you like this photograph then pleases upvote and comment on it so your comment will inspire me to share more good photographs.

Thanks for visit.

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Another great visual journey into mountains

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