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Today I joined the #steemit platform by directly joining a very large community here, namely #WorldOfXpilar which was founded by @xpilar and I was part of the #aceh-team member commanded by a senior who is very proficient in #photography especially field #macrophotography namely @sultan-aceh.

Here I also had the opportunity to join because my best friend who has been active on the steemit platform for a long time, namely @jasonmunapasee. He is very consistent on the platform we all love so much.

About me @umar-k that is I come from North Aceh, precisely in the Syamtalira Aron sub-district. My daily life is as an entrepreneur, while my favorite hobby is capturing various kinds of photos in the form of Macrophotography in the form of insects, flowers, beetles, etc.


Apart from this hobby, I also like reading various news related to technological developments. I also occasionally take the time to write various kinds of things.

That's my brief introduction, Hopefully I can be accepted on the Steemit platform. And I also hope for support from steemians to help me in making quality posts.

Greetings from me to all steemit users in the world.

North Aceh, Februari, 22, 2021



Welcome to Steem @umar-k and to the World Of Xpilar Community

Thank you senior @xpilar.
I really need direction and input from seniors in the World Of Xpilar community to develop my work.

Dear @umar-k

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Welcome to awesome community brother.
Success for you.

Thanks friend...

Selamat bergabung kawan,, dan tunjukkan karya tebaik mu di world of xpilar dan semoga sukses,,,

Thanks kawan, semoga juga dapat dukungan dari senior-senior...

Selamat bergabung,, semoga sukses selalu.

Terimakasih kawan...
Semoga kita semua sukses.

Welcome to join us in the #worldofxpilar community.
Have a good day with all of us.

 2 months ago (edited)

Good luck for all of us friends.
Thanks @jasonmunapasee

Welcome brother @umar-k.. Berkah!!!

Thanks brother...

hi @umar-k

Welcome to the World Of Xpilar Community
Show your photography work and your writing skills with us.

Greetings, World Of Xpilar Community Moderators

 2 months ago (edited)

Thank you very much bg @sultan-aceh, I will contribute with this team, I really hope for direction and participation from bg @sultan-aceh and this World Of Xpilar community team to be able to develop my writing and photo work to produce good pictures...

 2 months ago 

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