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vicious spider

Hello all dear
I'm back here again to take part in the macrophotography contest held in the World of XPilar community.
This extraordinary contest was organized by @sultan-aceh as Moderator and led by @xpilar as the leader in this extraordinary community.
.spiders are complex animals, not because of their nature but because of the various types. we meet many species of this multi-legged animal, in the forest, in the bushes, in people's gardens, in the yard of the house with various shapes and types, steemians wherever you are are, in the post will try. to surprise the steemians viewers, I will post a very unique type of insect, which is a type of vicious spider that I found in the aceh forest, unique because of its distinctive nature, its docile character, but very agile and agile, .to jump to make a net, as a trap for the prey they are after, steemians need to know that almost all. types of spiders are venomous and poisonous, so don't ever bother bothering them , research results show that species of spiders reach 200,000 species of spiders and some of them have not been identified.This one animal is quite strong, it is incorporated in organisms that are able to survive, ranging from cold areas such as the poles to dry desert areas.
.that's a summary of stories about the world of spiders, hopefully steemians, can add knowledge and insight about the world of spiders, and become a reference for your child, and your family, preserving nature and its habitat in it, as a mighty gift for children us.and. grandchild,.here's a snippet of spider pictures that I can capture, greetings to all from @village-ucup

vicious spider

vicious spider

vicious spider

vicious spider

vicious spider

vicious spider

vicious spider

vicious spider

vicious spider

Thank you
By @village-ucup
Ignite the spirit of participating in the contest, we must dare to enter the competition. Today is better than yesterday
Macrophotography super competition week 5
Camera Used: cellphone
Photography : vicious spider
Location : Aceh Fores
Photographer : @village-ucup
Mesjid saree Aceh besar



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Greeting,s from me @village-ucup

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