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little wasp

steemians friends, hopefully we are all in good health always, so that we are able to carry out activities, which generate ideas, creativity, and real work. make big dreams come true,
.In today's edition .@village-ucup is again participating in a macrophotography contest held in the world xpilar community.
This contest was organized by @sultan-aceh as Moderator and led by @xpilar as community leader.
.In this contest there are many categories that we can enter.
And below @village-ucup will mention some of the categories we can join.
-snails and,
another object.
.those are some categories that I can mention in this macrophography competition. and the category that @village-ucup chose in this edition is about Insects. ..In this edition, @village-ucup is more interested in participating in the contest on Sunday for the 5 insect category, namely the small wasp that I got in one of the eggplant gardens of the villagers where I live. the wasps I photographed are looking for food, or sucking flowers in the garden, and.Its unique character is small and its body color is dominated by white. Its docile nature makes it easy for me to take pictures, but even though it is tame, it is very difficult to take the right position, so steemians need patience, because it takes patience to produce good pictures.this is what i can say in this edition, hopefully steemians can be entertained and enter week 5 with enthusiasm and happiness, here are some snippets of pictures that i can capture through my cellphone camera. hopefully steemians can add insight and knowledge about the world.insects, especially small wasps

little wasp

little wasp

little wasp

little wasp

little wasp

little wasp

little wasp

little wasp

little wasp

Thank you
By @village-ucup
Ignite the spirit of participating in the contest, we must dare to enter the competition. Today is better than yesterday
Macrophotography super competition week 5
Camera Used: cellphone
Photography : little wasp
Location : Aceh Fores
Photographer : @village-ucup
Mesjid saree Aceh besar



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Greeting,s from me @village-ucup


Hi @village-ucup

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