Balanced Living: You Will Never Fill the Hole Inside You With "Things"

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I believe it may be a basic part of human existence to seek things we believe will make us feel fulfilled and content.

That's only natural.

The problems start to manifest when we feel a certain emptiness inside and we try to fill that void, without really knowing what it is that ails us; why we feel empty.


It is here that so many people go on quests for external accomplishment and "acquisition" as their most plausible attempt to fill the empty spaces inside them.

The sad thing is, it's an endeavor that's invariably doomed to failure.

There are not enough "things" in the world to keep that space filled, if you have not acknowledged and addressed the purely intangible underlying causes for there to be a hollow space. Usually this can be traced back to some kind of overcompensation for troubling experiences during our childhood and upbringing.

I often have clients defend and rationalize their tendency to reach for "retail therapy" and I inevitably end up gently asking them whether that "therapy" is actually working, given that they keep doing it, over and over and over again.

Neither acquisitions of things material nor a collection of "adventures" can fill the empty spaces in our souls.

Seagulls at sunset

"Yes, but then how come I always feel better when I've gone on a shopping spree?" I get asked.

Well, it's FUN! And that fun does release a temporary dose of dopamine (a neurotransmitter) into your system so you feel good... for a little while. But it soon enough wears off, and you'll be off to get the next thing; the next adventure, because you're trying to do something about that inner sadness; that void; that empty space.

Someone once accused me of being "anti-materialistic" and argued "Yes, but I'd rather be crying in a new Mercedes than in a wrecked 1976 Dodge!"

Maybe so, but that's really a case of distractionary logic. A rationalization. Fact remains that you're still sitting in your car, crying, and that's the real problem, regardless of the make, model and price of your car!

So when you face the void inside you — if you have one, most people do — I invite you to ask yourself how it got there, and why it is lingering. If you can find the courage to be honest with yourself, chances are you won't need to fill it with stuff anymore...

Thanks for reading, and Bright Blessings to all!

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