Better Lives: A Year of Covid — How Do We Handle Feelings of Helplessness?

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"Things are difficult, out there!"

It's a phrase I hear more often from counseling clients these days than ever before.

It occurred to me earlier today that it has now been a year since Covid-19 first showed up here in our part of the Pacific Northwest. We live not far from where "patient zero" in the USA was allegedly diagnosed. Certainly, "patient zero" in the the state of Washington.


Our son — who was staying with us last winter — went to see his sister in Seattle at the end of last February, right about the time roughly 30 cases were confirmed at a nursing home. They went to dinner and then to a movie right in the neighboorhood where that nursing home was located, and the staff and residents would go shopping and eating.

Two weeks later (after he'd returned here) he, my husband and I all had a severe flu with muscle aches and upset stomach that lasted for 4-5 days, after which we all felt weak for a couple of weeks. It almost felt like the flu and food poisoning, at the same time.

At the time, we just attributed it to "a bad case of the flu."


At least 6-7 months later, during a routine doctor's visit, my husband mentioned to our doctor that he'd had the flu back in February, but otherwise felt healthy.

The only "problem" with that was that the doctor insisted that there were no cases of the flu in the area at that time!

Of course, the post-fact tests aren't very good, so we can only speculate as to whether all three of us had a case of Covid-19 and recovered. Regardless, it was a very unpleasant experience, even if we escaped the respiratory difficulties so often reported.

What we — and many of my clients — are (and have been) experiencing is a sense of helplessness.


We're stuck here in our homes most of the time, and we can't go anywhere or do many of the "out" things we normally enjoy, and even the simple business of going to the supermarket comes with a subtext of risk because we could be exposed to something deadly.

And now it has been a year of this strange "half life."

In truth, there is not all that much we can do, aside from take all reasonable precautions when we do go out, and then remember to have gratitude for the good things we do have.

I might sound like a "broken record" by now, but gratitude is one of the most important things we have, to overcome emotions like helplessness. Helplessness come from the feeling that we have no control over anything in our lives, or anything that's going to happen... and with gratitude for "What Is," we can suddenly identify things that are positive, and that we have control over.

So practice gratitude!

Thanks for reading, and Bright Blessings to all!

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 2 months ago 

Hi @whitelightxpress, it is really a year since we live in this fully restriction world. I am glad to hear that you all recovered from that Viral infection and yes, from the description it sounds like Coronavirus symptoms.

Lately somehow we got used to that. On one hand we are glad to see that in many countries the number of infected people is getting better but also that this time there were not many cases of Norovirus or chest infection, probably due to washing hands and wearing masks.

On other hand, the kids while sitting for a year at home definitely will have problem to go back to schools and to build up relationship with other kids.

My colleague told me her 6 y.o. son is anxious to be alone, even if she goes to bathroom, he starts to cry because she has to lock shut the door and he is not used to be alone.

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Hi @stef1, and thanks for your thoughtful comment.

It is amazing how quickly time moves by, even in a situation like this where every day starts to feel the same.

Our kids are all adults now, but we have two grandkids of school age, and that is always a worry, because kids are... well, kids. Expecting them to have the same level of mindfulness as adults isn't realistic.

Thank for the nomination, and for visiting!

Bright Blessings!

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