A new initiative by @bambuka is coming soon in the World of Xpilar Community

in WORLD OF XPILAR2 months ago (edited)

It's all about delegating a certain amount of STEEM POWER for a period of time for those with less than 50 SP have an opportunity to write posts and be able to comment without completely running out of their RC Status.
And of course could edit post

Many new members are not aware that they need a certain amount of Steempower to not run out of RC Status.

@bambuka will lead this project and we welcome him to our team in the World of Xpilar community as "minnow-team moderator"


Rules and opportunity to apply for delegated 50 SP will soon come in a new post from @bambuka. Stay tuned

For now,you can read "My initiative for WORLD OF XPILAR " by @bambuka

click here "News from @bambuka to apply for delegated 50 SP"

cc: @steemitblog @steemcurator01


@xpilar good and powerful project you guys have out here.
I am @chrisdsteemsport from Nigeria. 3years ago we Nigerians are hitting steemit more hard, creating mega seminars and growing newbies which I was a core part of the movement using sports programs and comedy to convince people.
Whatsapp and telegram Platforms where also created and it was a boom then, before steem dollar came up with it's down fall and devalued Nigeria currency.

Glory be to God for it's rise of value this period. The question now is- How do we bring back this users again and even get more people in Africa?

Nigerians are always ready and they can create a welcome development.
With this project, am much in part of it
Infact I have started creating a WhatsApp platform where newbies would be leactured as seminar, and new users would be registered.

Thanks for your system of support. With this Steemit will be great again.
And I ask we work together as I have started pushing movement here in Nigeria.

 2 months ago 

Thank you for your trust @xpilar!
This is a great honor and great responsibility for me. I think together we will cope with any tasks :)

a very extraordinary project. and very helpful for new steemit users.

This project is very useful for beginners, so that they grow big ..

Very good intention, to help beginners

Many thanks for the great project!

 2 months ago 

That is a very good initiative and it will definitely help the minnows; and encourage them to be more active on the platform since their RC not use up..

Fully in support of this great initiative...

very good initiative to help novice players.

thank you for your concern for the small fish in this community, @bambuka

Hi @xpilar, I am very happy with your attitude in accepting suggestions from others. Your attitude seems very generous with the thought of new users. The initiative suggested by @bambuka is certainly very nice for new users too. Now the world of xpilar is once again heading for an amazing development. I am sure that in the hands of people like you, other people will also help you in growing this World of Xpilar community into a great community in the future.

Congratulations and good luck @bambuka, this is a very good project

I believe that the “delegation” tool is a very important tool.

That's a good initiative. It would go a long way in helping them (the minnows) stick around and engaging in the community.

A very good initiative. Everybody has to start from somewhere.

Congratulations @bambuka ... good luck to you in the World Of Xpilar Community

Que excelente iniciativa de nuestro amigo @bambuka para apoyar e incentivas a los nuevos usuarios y puedan levantar sus cuentas.

Muchas gracias y mucho éxito.

Hi There. its a good initiative to support new member and community. Delegation is the key

This is completed opportunity to Improve our Steem... Thanks @xpilar..

good work @bambuka and good luck ,,

Wow, very beautiful and attractive postigan @bambuka

Thank you very much, this is very helpful.

I'm waiting for @bambuka 's post though I'm not a new steemian. Dear @xpilar I'm waiting for your digital art to write a story. Hope you’ll throw a contest soon for us. I enjoy writing stories 🙂 Thank you!

indeed those who are new really need help from great people .. especially if someone cares, hopefully your kindness and good program will run smoothly

This activity is really helpful for beginners and members, especially in this community. I really appreciate the activities carried out by senior @xpilar.





吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


 2 months ago 

It is good to see another activity that is picking up and revived by "world of Xpilar" community. Also, it is nice to see that our members are feeling heard and supported, due to your engagement and guidance @xpilar :)

Yes, it's nice to see that so many are happy about this

Greetings friend @xpilar.

Very good initiative by @bambuka, and great gesture on your part to improve the delegation proposal. It will be of great help to the beneficiaries.

I will be supporting in whatever you wish.

Great that you can support @bambuka

Great project.. always proud for this community🙏

What great news. I am waiting for this!

this is a great opportunity and support to help for new steemit users, thanks for the support

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