As you know, we've been launching the "Talk Channel" in the WORLD OF XPILAR Community

in WORLD OF XPILAR5 months ago

In that connection, we searched for a moderator for the "Talk Channel" and the WORLD OF XPILAR Community

image.pngThe choice has been made and we welcome @adeljose as moderator in our community

@adeljose is from Venezuela, Zulia State, is 38 years old and started his Steem journey May 2018 with the help of his friend @jadnven.

@adeljose also has his own project called "My Weekly Selection, Community World Of Pilar" where he rewards others from his own reward from that post See the post here from @adeljose "My Weekly Selection"

@adeljose is a very active person in Steem.
He is also part of the knitrias project see link here

The idea of ​​"Talk Channel"
Maybe many of us want a place we could only talk about loosely and firmly. Ask questions about things we wonder about, for example, about the STEEM community or other things. That's why I want to create a post with "talk channel" Just talk to some or ask questions


The post"Talk Channel" will be posted weekly, every Monday and is open to everyone. And there we should all appreciate comments and responses to each other by giving an upvote.
Yes, we need to talk to each other as well

Bildet er tatt av Gerd Altmann fra Pixabay

Join the "Talk Channel"

on Monday and get to know each other or you have something to ask

Fot The next SPUD4STEEM competition is June 1st 2020
Here you can read the whole post about SPUD4STEEM from @kiwiscanfly


That is a good choice, I have met @adeljose on and off across in Steemit and of course in our community, you are right he is very engaged and will do a good job.Our Congratulation and support @adeljose!

Hi @stef1

Thanks, it's nice to hear

@xpilar, this is a great idea! Congrats to @adeljose! He writes beautiful science fiction stories.

Hi @vipnata

Yes, he is a good writer

Congratulation @adeljose as a moderator of the Talk channel.Best wishes for you.


Big thenks to @xpilar for this idea and creating this channel.


Hi @nevlu123

Thanks, it's nice to hear

Congratulations to @adeljose being chosen as a Moderator in the WORLD OF XPILAR community, we are happy to welcome @adeljose as a moderator

it's nice to hear @muftii

I always said that the Spanish-speaking community in steem is one of the biggest and most talented on the platform. To have now a Spanish-speaking moderator like @adeljose among us fills us with joy and inspires us with confidence, one more Venezuelan who stands with great responsibility and sincere commitment. From here, brother, my congratulations and count on my support if I can help you in any way. Greetings @xpilar

Gaborockstar separador de texto.png

Siempre dije que la comunidad hispanohablante en steem es una de las más grandes y más talentosas de la plataforma. Tener ahora un moderador de habla hispana como @adeljose entre nosotros nos llena de alegría y nos inspira confianza, un venezolano más que se alza con una responsabilidad grande y un compromiso sincero. Desde acá hermano mis felicitaciones y cuente con mi apoyo si en algo le pudiera ayudar. Saludos @xpilar

Venezuela gif.gif

Hi @gaborockstar

Thanks, it's nice to hear

Hello friend @xpilar.

It's an honor to be part of your work team, my commitment is with Steemit, World Of Xpilar and with all those who do good things for this platform.

I am completely grateful for your constant support, I will be supporting as much as the unstable situation of my country allows me. I will be working hand in hand with you, just waiting for instructions.

Hi @adeljose

Now that you are a moderator you have permission to make people a member of the world of xpilar who you think should be members. Many are listed as guests only and there are many Spanish speaking people here. @sultan-aceh uses for example "Aceh Member" for those he knows come from Aceh or just "Member"
But the important role of a moderator is to hit hard on spam / plagiarism and give them a warning before we ban them from our community "MUTE"
And when it comes to "talking the channel", we need a lot of activity from all of us helping others when questions are being asked. or just talk to others there. We should also give a small voice to the comments ther

Understood friend @xpilar, however, I would like to know clearly the characteristics that will be taken as spam, for example; exclusivity for Steemit, minimum amount of word per publication, type of content, etc

It mostly goes to those who glue and copy others for example from the internet and pretend that it is their own pictures and words.
We have some artists in our society who sometimes just post their work without writing as much. They are not spam, but if they post multiple records within a day they will not get votes from us on all the records, but only maybe one or two of the records.
But we should encourage everyone to write more than just one line

We cannot deny anyone when someone posts his work in several places.
But encourage them not to have similar records in several places

All right, I'll keep an eye on this.

Dear @xpilar

One of those posts, which surely are worth checking out and reading through.

I would like to welcome @adeljose as a moderator for your "talk channel". Already followed this user.

Join the "Talk Channel"
on Monday and get to know each other or you have something to ask

I'm a bit clueless - how to join this talk channel? Any link? And what time on Monday would it be taking place?

ps. did you consider setting up your own community on Steemit? Or did you perhaps already do it?
Also: do you have discord server for your group and this talk channel?

Upvoted already :)
Yours, Piotr

Hi @crypto.piotr

I thought you were already aware of the "World of Xpilar" community.

The "Talk Channel" will be posted as a separate entry on Monday in the World of Xpilar and will be available to everyone all week and with the tag #talkchannel. So everything will be ordinary as a regular post where everyone can comment and ask questions or just chat here.
The idea is that we have a place to chat or get help and have it social.

do you have discord server for your group and this talk channel?

I haven't considered it yet, but it may be a future thought

Dear @xpilar

I've seen words ""World of Xpilar" number of times and I figured, that you created interesting group of people around yourself.

However I didn't know you created community already. Just joined this one:

The "Talk Channel" will be posted as a separate entry on Monday in the World of Xpilar and will be available to everyone all week and with the tag #talkchannel. So everything will be ordinary as a regular post where everyone can comment and ask questions or just chat here.

ah, I thought that it's going to be some sort of podcast. Thanks for clarification. Appreciate it.

One more question: Can I assume that none of your posts will be ever cross-posted to hive? I'm managing @steemcurator06 with it's 200k SP and I can support your content with few upvotes. Just to show my appreciation towards everything you do. The only rule is that I shouldn't upvote cross-posted articles.


Nice that you joined the World of Xpilar

None of my own posts are posted anywhere else.
So I don't cross my posts
Nice that you support me, thanks Piotr

Dear @xpilar

Perhaps you could always share link to your new post with me via discord? I will gladly support you with my own upvote and PH (whenever I will have a chance). Plus always solid one (200k SP) from @steemcurator06.

I value your work a lot and your constant support we've been receiving in last year. I'm looking for ways to show my appreciation and support your current efforts.

Posting me those links would make it just much much easier for me to discover your content.


thanks :)

 5 months ago 

Muchas Felicidades al excelente Steemian @AdelJose, quien no solo es un destacado Miembro del Proyecto Knitrias por su creatividad y calidad, sino que es admirable el trabajo que hace por esta comunidad en su ayuda a los demás. Enhorabuena @Adeljose!!

And congratulations to @Xpilar for launching this initiative so important in these times on the Steem blockchain!! My best wishes and admiration for your great work!!

Hi @leveuf

Thanks, it's nice to hear

I give @adeljose a big hug in this invitation to be moderator. Thanks very much @xpillar for this great love, actually @adeljose is a hard working Venezuelan Steemian who has been making effort to bring light in Steem here if he is given enough support to operate, I have been following his work recently they are very good to read. I am also supporting my little curation in this community, so that together we can build a vibrant Steem.♥️

Hi @oppongk

Yes, he works hard and deserves support

I don't know @adeljose but I'm glad he's a Venezuelan. Congratulations and successes!

Hi @mballesteros

Visit his page, he is a good writer

Yeah, he is! I visited his blog.👍

This post has been rewarded by the Steem Community Curation Project. #communitycuration06

ps. Greetings from Piotr :)

thank you @steemcurator06

@xpilar, that is a superb choice. Congrats to you @adeljose, I am glad for you!

Nice to hear @myfreelive

Communication between members of a team or a community is very important, so I really appreciate this kind of initiative, my respect and admiration for the whole team of # WORLD OF XPILAR. Greetings and blessings to all

Nice to hear, thanks @carlos84

Felicitaciones @jadnven, @adeljose maravilloso apoyo haciendo un buen equipo de trabajo @xpilar.

Congratulations @jadnven, @adeljose wonderful support making a good team @xpilar

Ohh buenas noticias para los venezolanos que hacemos vida en steem, felicidades @adeljose esta es una excelente oportunidad para ti y un avance para nuestra comunidad #spanish.

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