Digital image for the day is made according to my own imagination and thoughts (your writing story competition(108)

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The competition is closed

Time for a contest again, where you are the author

Digital art made by @xpilar

Be creative, Make a good story out of my digital picture

Prizes : Upvotes to be won

The competition ends at midnight on April 15, 2021

test solnedgang 3 A.jpg

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Here you see a bit when I create the image in
the 3D program before I put on effects and colors




The competition ends at midnight on April 15, 2021

Finished the picture

test solnedgang 3 A.jpg

I am grateful for a comment about my Digital art


Hello to all inhabitants of WORLD OF XPILLAR
first I want to appreciate @xpillar for this wonderful work of art its really really beautiful.
I am also happy to have joined this contest find below my entry post for the contest:

Thank you for participating @the-patriarch

It is really a very beautiful imagination of a sunset. I share the story of this design :

Thank you for participating @potikoss

Well... This is truly an enigmatic work. You can get lost just starring at it. Very creative work sir and giving authors the platform to explore the beauty of this artwork is also very commendable and appreciated.
I will definitely love to participate in this contest.

 last month (edited)

Nice to hear, thank you @stephenpaul

Thanks @xpilar. And I was finally able to come up with my story. Here is my response to the contest thus:

Thank you for participating @stephenpaul

An extraordinary and very interesting contest, this is a great opportunity to create a piece of writing.

Nice to hear, thank you @lensa-macro

You're welcome @xpilar.

master of graphics and photoshop..i've studied it a few times but it's not as easy as imagined

Hi @joel1971

Thanks, I'm just an amateur

waooo amigo, totalmente asombroso, mi participación muy pronto saludos!!;-)

Nice to hear, thank you @jlvillamizar

Increíble trabajo creativo y muy real la imagen final.

Saludos y éxito.

Nice to hear, thank you @avibauza

Hola como esta @xpilar que hermoso la creación de ese dibujo prepararemos nuestra historia.

I'm fine, good that you want to write a story @fundacorazon

Looking at the sunset that pierces the horizon accompanied by the sound of the waves splashing, it seems to bring true happiness and peace even if only for a moment. My favorite image, thanks for the great contest sir @xpilar!

Nice to hear, thank you @adivender

Me gusta este desafío siempre surgen historias que no me imaginaba que tenía en mente.
Aquí mi entrada:

Thank you for participating @charjaim

A real work of art, this is my perfect opportunity to publish my first article in the WORLD OF XPILAR community. Well my creativity get to work!!!!!

Nice to hear, thank you @jesusjacr

I have a doubt about the image, sorry I can't distinguish. Is it a sunrise or a sunset?

it's a sunset:)

Thanks for clarifying, let's write then!

 last month 

Hermosa e inspiradora imagen, acá dejo las palabras que han brotado de mi sentir.

Beautiful and inspiring image, these are the words that came from my heart.

Thank you for participating @nrvan28





吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


The image of the sea squeezed by two mountains and the light of the setting sun in between make the heart feel comfortable when looking at it.

Nice to hear, thank you @jubagarang

Thank you for participating @oacevedo

Saludos a todos, quí mi ENTRADA @xpilar inspiradora imagen

Thank you for participating @eve73

Wow ... it’s beautiful

Hello @xpilar I had a wonderful time writing a story with your amazing digital-art. The experience was amazing! Here is my entry for your contest:

Thank you for participating @sakura1012

Thank you also @xpilar for this wonderful opportunity

Saludos @xpilar, realmente está fantástico tu trabajo, felicidades! Estaré feliz de participar!

Nice to hear, thank you @mcarol19

Hi, inhabitants of the #WorldofXpilar!

Thanks for the beautiful image. I live near the coast and take lots of pictures all the time; this one complete me got me :)

Here, my entry:

Good luck!

Thank you for participating @marlyncabrera

Thank you for the opportunity, @Xpilar :)

Que Hermosos Arte, me hace pensar en una historia involucrando un Atardecer en mis llanos Venezolanos. Con estos concursos mi imaginación viaja tanto. Está excelente @xpilar

Nice to hear, thank you @decuartae

Beautiful image of this round to put the imagination to fly. This is my participation I hope you like my story. Regards.

Thank you for participating @elcorrecamino

Wow! Fantastic contest. 😍

Nice to hear, thank you @arcayart

 last month 

Yes, that is really nice evening sky. I like how you have done water surface close to horizon, the reflected lights is just like sparkles. Love it very much!

You inspired me with your painting
So I wanted to see if I could get the light from the sun to shine in the water like flames :)

Hola @xpilar me gusto la combinación de colores que transmite el atardecer y genera una linda sombra en el agua y la montaña. Esta es mi entrada al concurso El misterio del río. Saludos y buenos deseos.

Thank you for participating @tanhunter254

Hello my beautiful people here at WORLD OF XPILLAR.
It's been fun sharing this story and I want to give special thanks to @xpillar for this wonderful opportunity.

This is my very first post here and I pray I get to win this contest. Below is my entry

Thank you for participating @danie2funny

Hola Amigos @worldofxpilar
Impresionante nivel de detalle y profesionalismo en tu Arte Digital @xpilar

You really made a good art here @xpilar, very very cool. I really love it, wish you could teach me😁.

Anyways, here is my participation link for the contest

Thank you for participating @francis-duruji

Thank you @xpilar for the platform to explore our skills on writing.

Inspiring image, the sea is my favorite place and these tonalities give it an extraordinary splendor. Beautiful art @xpilar

Thank you @eve73

Hi @xpilar, it is a beautiful and well worked image, ideal to evoke dreamy places where the sunset and nature are the protagonists. Great job!

I have been inspired by it to participate in this contest for the first time, here I leave my participation:

Until another time 👋😺

Thank you for participating @mariart1

Here is my random thoughts on your digital image

Thanks @xpilar for proving this opportunity.

Thank you for participating @kamchore

Hi @xpilar, it is impressive the tranquility and peace that this image transmits. I have created a story from your image.

Thank you for participating @josevas217

Hi @xpilar, I just made a post using your image, here is the link.

I hope you like the story.

Thank you for participating @amart29

Hola amigos de World Of Xpilar. Aquí mi participación de esta semana

Thank you for participating @lemosfernand

Amigo @xpilar, bonita imagen digital la que nos traes ahora. Gracias por la oportunidad. Aquí dejo mi publicación.


Thank you for participating @rennyelias

Well dear friend, here I leave my participation! Good luck to all!

Thank you for participating @jesusjacr

Thank you for participating @sacra97

Saludos querida comunidad. Aqui les dejo mi participacion y feliz y bendecido dia para todos ustedes.

Thank you for participating @kauai

Hola amigo que tal? aquí te dejo en enlace de mi post, saludos;-)

Thank you for participating @jlvillamizar

This is so wonderful @xpilar. I'll create one too :)

Thank you @leebaong

Such a nice photography, seeing how the Sun dazzles the waves of sea

Hello everyone!

Hey, @xpilar, this one seems to be incredibly real. Congrats.

Here's my entry:

Thank you for participating @gabmr

Waoooooo what a beauty @worldofxpilar I congratulate you on the sunset, this beautiful one makes me remember the sunsets of my Sucre state. I will prepare my participation.

Thank you for participating @steem-muksal

You're welcome @xpilar, passion continues in creativity ..
Thank you

Thank you for participating @ahlawat

Hola @xpilar realmente tu imagen digital es impresionante para la imaginación y la creatividad, tu imagen hace que los pensamientos vuelen y que las mas profundas emociones del alma broten. Eres bueno en la creación para inspirar a través del arte digital.
Aquí mi participación espero la puedan disfrutar:

Thank you for participating @carluis777

Hola amigo @xpilar, por aquí te dejo mi participación.
La isla de los sueños, Saludos.

Thank you for participating @meivys

Thank you for participating @danielo109

Thank you very much @expilar

Impresionante trabajo, le felicito por la habilidad y creatividad en software 3D, se podría decir que ha creado una obra de arte.. Mis felicitaciones y respeto @xpilar

Thanks for the kind words @josertalaverag

Can we write a poem? @xpilar

Yes, you can @dianadee

¡Muy buenas tardes! Hermosa imagen como siempre :D. Espero haber llegado a tiempo. ¡Saludos!

Thank you for participating @raquelsiso1

The competition is closed