Digital image for the day is made according to my own imagination and thoughts (your writing story competition(109)

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The competition is closed

Time for a contest again, where you are the author

Digital art made by @xpilar

Be creative, Make a good story out of my digital picture

Prizes : Upvotes to be won

The competition ends at midnight on May17, 2021

test solnedgang 4 A.jpg

See the picture better CLIK HERE, view full size

We will reward you with our
"World of Xpilar Curation Trail" for your writing story

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The reward is given based on how good your story is

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Here you see a bit when I create the image in
the 3D program before I put on effects and colors




The competition ends at midnight on May 17, 2021

Finished the picture

I am grateful for a comment about my Digital art


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Apakah anda menyukai foto laut..?

Yes, I love the sea 😊

Likewise with me, I have shared many panoramas of the sea in posts and I often use the sea as a photography object

Yes, it is always beautiful, no matter the weather

Beautiful digital artwork. I thought it was a photograph..... I will enter with a story later today.

Nice to hear, thank you @offgridlife

 5 months ago 

After a long time, there is a chance to rewrite the story. Digital art is awesome. thanks for sharing.

Yes @ahlawat, I would have liked to have produced more pictures and with the competition, but my time is not enough

Que hermosa imagen ya estoy pensando mi historia

Nice to hear, thank you @yulirosario27

 5 months ago (edited)

Awesome digital art! Seems like a nice place to go fishing and relax and enjoy the day. Great idea of a contest too.

Nice to hear, thank you @mrchef111

 5 months ago 

You are welcome!!

Que hermosa imagen, me inspira mucho

Nice to hear, thank you @raulenj

Excelente trabajo @xpilar, la imagen transmite paz cuando la vez.

Se nota que al momento que la hiciste tú energía emitía eso, tu mar está calmado, no sé si es atardecer o amanecer, pero el cielo refleja los colores de estos.

Son colores de calma y tranquilidad, ¿pensaste en algún sitio favorito que visitaste alguna vez?


Thanks for the kind words about my picture @erickyoussif
Yes, the place can look like a place in our archipelago here in Fredrikstad, Norway

Thank you for participating @offgridlife

An image full of peace and freedom.
I would stay on the shores of this lake very willingly.

Thank to you 😊

Awesome, what a beautiful digital art

Nice to hear, thank you @dilianny20

imagenes muy interesantes exelente ingenio

Nice to hear, thank you @ejcl1994

This image is spectacularly beautiful and I like it because it reflects an image of nature that I like as much as the landscape of the sea. Greetings to all.

Nice to hear, thank you @elcorrecamino

Thank you for participating @steem-muksal

You're welcome, sir @xpilar, keep up the spirit sir, have a nice day '' 👍

Thank you @elcorrecamino for participating

Thank you @diebitch for participating

Realmente hermoso trabajo! Saludos.

Nice to hear, thank you @mcarol19

Thank you @culzee for participating

Hello Sir @xpilar,these is the link of my entry of a story I made inspired by your digital image:

..thank you for the contest sir.

thank you for participating @carine1988

This is my participation in this contest. I hope you like my story. Greetings and good luck to all the participants.

Thank you for participating @panksero

greetings sir @xpilar, this is my input about the contest you made ...

Thank you..
greetings one community


Thank you for participating @barentibo

Beautiful image, it is calming to look at it. I will start thinking of a story to go with it. 😊

 4 months ago (edited)

Nice to hear, thank you @mariart1

Una imagen que propicia una historia, bella. como siempre usted se destaca. por cierto, presenté una disyuntiva, si era un mar o una laguna, decidí hacer mi post de entrada considerandola un mar:

Thank you for participating @sharifanamin

Hola @xpilar, este arte digital es maravilloso. Me agrada mucho cuando haces estos paisajes, gozan de una naturalidad increíble, cualquier persona que lo vea a simple vista, no podría reconocer con exactitud si se trata de una foto o algo que han creado digitalmente, cuando esto ocurre, es grandiosos.

Por aquí dejo mi enlace a mi participacióon:

Gracias por la oportunidad.

Thank you for participating @josevas217

Thank you for comparing it to a regular photo, appreciate it

Voy a realizar una historia para participar. Tu arte me enamora me gusta como trabajas

Nice to hear, thank you @crisch23

Thank you for participating @pejuang-aceh

Was looking forward to this @xpilar. I really appreciate how you capture water in your art.
I hope you like my entry...
Crimson Sky

Thank you for participating @alaeddin

Una imagen realmente hermosa, tu diseño digital quedo fascinante espero algun dia aprender aunque me afinco mas a la parte de dibujos a mano.
por aqui mi ENTRADA La cual espero le guste.

Thank you for participating @auroragil06

Muy hermoso, el contraste de colores y tonalidades, simplemente preciosos, pronto presentare mi participación,bendiciones!!

Nice to hear, thank you @luisitorres

Thank you for participating @gabmr

Un paisaje hermoso con una buena digitalización.

Nice to hear, thank you @isabeldc10

Thank you for contest dear @xpilar.

My entriy : I lived my dream again

Thank you for participating @fth

Thank you very much. You liked my story.

Hi @xpilar, I made a publication based on your image, I hope you like it, I attach the link:


Thank you for participating @amart29

¡Hola! Excelente día :D. Me gusto muchísimo la imagen en esta ocasión y está muy hermosa. Me gusto mucho participar. Saludos :D

Thank you for participating @raquelsiso1

¡ Hola a Todos aquí mi participación!
¡Espero disfruten la lectura!

¡Agradecimientos a @xpilar por tan precioso arte digital, con cuyos matices es imposible no inspirarse!

Thank you for participating @luisitorres

Congratulations for this beautiful image @xpilar here my participation DREAMS OF FREEDOM

Thank you for participating @eve73

Thank you for these beautiful images

¡Qué emoción siento por participar una vez más en éste concurso! Lo estuve esperando con ansias.

Amigo, @xpilar, tus Imágenes Digitales son mi inspiración ¡Amo Worldofxpilar!

Hermosa imagen. Es un gran trabajo.

Ahora mi participación :

Uróboros: Planeta Dafne (parte 1)

Saludos y éxitos.

#onepercent #venezuela #affable

Thank you for participating @rennyelias

Excelente trabajo @xpilar tu arte es maravillosa por un momento pensé que era una foto real ya que trasmite paz, quisiera estar algún día en un lugar tan bello como ese.
Aquí les dejo mi participación espero que también les guste mi historia

Thank you for participating @ysaac

Hola amigo @ xpilar esta es mi participación: Thoughts to our waters. Has creado una hermosa imagen, me gusto mucho el agua. Saludos.

Thank you for participating @tanhunter254

Hola @xpilar aquí dejo mi historia, El hombre calamar del lago Anvia.

Thank you for participating @meivys

Hola como esta @xpilar muy hermosa su imagen cada día es sorprendente su arte y como siempre motivada a participar con bellas historias

Thank you for participating @rosanita

Thank you for participating @mllg

Thank you for your great image, @xpilar

The competition is closed