Digital image for the day is made according to my own imagination and thoughts

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Digital art made by @xpilar

fjell skog vår.2 A.jpg

See the picture better CLIK HERE, view full size

Here you see a bit when I create the image in
the 3D program before I put on effects and colors

fjell skog vår vise 2 vise 1.jpg

fjell skog vår vise 2 vise 2.jpg

fjell skog vår vise 2 vise 3.jpg

fjell skog vår vise 2 vise 4.jpg

fjell skog vår.2 A.jpg

I am grateful for a comment about my Digital art

I'm taking a break from my competition here where you can write a story from my digital photo, but I will continue to create digital photos based on my imagination and thoughts and post them here on Steem

But do not despair, I want to tell you about another competition where you get the opportunity to create a story or draw a picture based on a selected digital picture made by me and win prizes


So, activate those NEURONES!




wow the picture is amazing, hopefully this time my story will dominate.

thank you @muftii

Remember The next contest from @franyeligonzalez starts on Monday, July 13th WRITING AND PAINTING CONTEST !! / # WORLD OF XPILAR

So this competition going to rest.
Waiting for next announcment.

Hi @nevlu123

Hope to see you here "WRITING AND PAINTING CONTEST !! / # WORLD OF XPILAR" which is on Monday and that competition is for a week at @franyeligonzalez

 3 months ago 

I look forward to seeing them too! :)

I will try my best...

Yeah sure i look for it

Hola estoy sorprendida como hace esos dibujos en la computadora es una creatividad extraordinaria me encanta a mi como que me falta mucho por aprender pero usted es excelente en el arte digital

hi @rosanita

Thank you

I'm just an amateur and it's a hobby

What a beautiful snow it has created @xpilar

Thank you @marpa

Amazing art

Nice art. It sound amzing

for you

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ummmmm... That look really quite complicated. I suppose it doesn't help that I am an old non-digital artist. I tried a few times but always fall back on what feels comfortable to me. Anyhow.. I like the work you did.. looks very realistic!

Hi @bdmillergallery

For experts, this can be easy.
But I spend a lot of time on it until I am happy with the picture :)

Esta buen.... Mente creadora, imaginación voladora, dedos agiles.... A TRABAJAR

Hi @theatrorve

thank you so much

The digitalart is so really that no one could think is an imagination, very beautiful painting, what app does that? I make use of Photoshop for my Digital art

Thank you @mayorfaruk

I use e-on software vue infinite 5

Very creative imagination , I like the winter frosty Forest on twilight .

Thank you @theia7

 3 months ago 

Hello friend @xpilar thank you very much for the mention of the contest, Yes, on Monday we will be again with another great competition, I hope many will dare to participate! :) AND THIS IMAGE IS VERY ORIGINAL!

Hi @franyeligonzalez

I think there will be many who participate when they can both write and draw based on my digital image that you choose from my collection

 3 months ago 

I hope so, my friend @xpilar.

I miss the winter

Hi @erangreen

I like summer best :)

I love this imagination

You are warmly welcome my friend

Your imagination is very beautiful. I loved your art. Thanks for sharing hear.

Eres una persona con mucho talento. Te felicito a quedado súper genial.💯💯💯

A great 3d art, I really liked it! When I first saw it I thought it was a photo of a landscape, and it turned out to be 3d art! Awesome.

hi @lucianahurtado

thank you so much

Resteemed post! For me this is very much a guide.

Excellent image friend @xpilar.

I will make an excellent story with this image, we will see if the readers will like it.

Una hermosa obra de arte digital lo felicitamos por ese don que tiene al dibujar

I started my first story in English, Because of your arts sir. And I was thinking to write the second part of forest. And you made the image of forest. I can use this picture for my story's second part. No matter the contest is ended. But i wanna complete my story.

Hi @abdt

Just use the image and write your part 2 :)

Buenas @xpilar... Aca mi participación en el concurso... debo comentar que este cuento es en varias partes... asi que seguire publicando partes del mismo así no cuenten para el concurso...

Gracias por el apoyo.
Hasta la próxima...

Que hermoso bosque, realizado magistralmente en digital, alineados estos hermosos árboles, fuertes y enormes. @xpilar

thank you @sacra97

This is beautiful 😘 💕

thank you @ukaegbu

You're welcome.

Hi @xpilar. I really admire your 3D digital work.
It's truly an amazing work. The perspective is magnificent and the effect achieved is an invitation to discover what's on the far horizon.

thank you so much @marcybetancourt

Hello @xpilar, I just made a publication using your image, this is the link

I hope the story is to your liking

thank you @amart29

Realmente impresionante, usted tiene demasiado talento en este arte digital. Prepararè mi entrada, me encanta este reto, disfruto escribièndolo. Mis respetos y un abrazo, amigo @xpilar.

thank you so much @marybellrg

Wow !! @xpilar. Trees really look authentic
trees of the physical world. A perfect forest in winter.
I loved it

thank you @mllg

May I write a story with your image?

Buen dia a la familia de #worldofxpilar.... Saludos @xpilar...
Aca les dejo l enlace de la segunta parte de mi cuento.

Espero sea de sus agrados.
Gracias por el apoyo.
HAsta la proxima

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