Have you lost your "PDF TRON account" with keys that you opened in your browser or has your Tron account changed address to your account with TRX and you no longer have access

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Or you forgot to save your "PDF TRON account" with keys

Is there an opportunity to find PDF with keys

The answer is yes

bilde 5 TRON account for @xpilar PDF.jpg

The possibility is there if you have not deleted the log in your browser

I give an example here with the Google app

View or delete your activity in the Google app
When you use the Google app, some of the activity in your Google Account is saved. You can view and delete this activity in My activity, and you can stop saving most types of activities at any time.

The menu here is in Norwegian in the picture

But click on log in the menu in your browser

Bilde 3 logg.jpg

Here you can type in the search field

TRON account for @your username

Here I apply with a TRON account for @xpilar

Bilde 4 logg søkefelt.jpg

Bilde 1 @xpilar 1 og 2 søk PDF.jpg

As you can see I find 2 TRON account for @xpilar
and when you click on them, the PDF will open in your browser
remember to save them


At https://tronscan.org/#/ you can search for addresses and see how much TRX is in the account

TRON Public Key (TRON Address)
Used for transfers. The public key is the address you send the tokens to

We're doing a search with my address that was created November 23, 2020


It does not find the account from when I was on the Tron test network.
But before I created the account on December 2, 2020, I had already earned some TRX. Where are the earned TRX today?

But let's do a search on the account was created December 2, 2020




Once you have the address visible in https://tronscan.org/#/
you can import the account to "TronLink wallet" your TRON account to manage TRX assets.If you have your TRON Private Key


Is it possible to restore the TRON account when you have your PDF with keys. I'm unsure when the account or address is not visible in https://tronscan.org/#/

I would also like to direct that question to Steemit Team @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 and others who can answer this

I also want to ask what might have happened when your own address on Tron in Steem Wallet does not match what you have on your own PDF with keys for Tron account

We know that this issue affects several users and hope that everyone will shed light on this so that we can understand what is going wrong


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Useful information. thanks for sharing sir.

Nice to share it, thanks @goldcoin

Valiosa información, gracias por compartirla.

you're welcome @belkisa758

Great guide! currently everything is a bit complicated, but over time everything will be more user friendly

I hope we get some answers to this

For now, we are still doing well and our TRX PDF keys are still safely stored, but we are very grateful to you @xpilar for giving us a good solution, to retrieve our TRX pdf keys, this information Very beneficial to everyone, they don't feel lost anymore from the ways you gave directions to get their keys back.

Good to hear that everything works for you @opick

Appreciate that. 👌

Useful information to have, *"just in case." Fortunately, I have all my "sensitive" information in a private "vault" in the cloud... My last option is a manual printout I have in my paper journal.

The thing I'm curious about is whether or not there's a "direct route" from our Steemit TRX balance to an exchange TRX wallet? Do you know? For example, I can SBD to Bittrex, and it ends up in my exchange wallet. Can we send TRX to exchanges here, and have it end up in our exchange wallets?

Yes, you can send SBD directly to your stock exchange if you have an account with SBD for example bittrex
Currently you have to import to your Tron link account with your TRX
from there you can send it to Bittrex

Wait so to withdraw Tron I need a key that's different than my wallet key?

The keys must match the address you have on Tron

Sir I searched Tron keys as you said but nothing useful I found. Is there any other way to get my keys back?

see that you have created a new account
2021-02-14 00:18:03 (Local)
So you are looking for your previous account.
Do you remember if you opened a pdf with keys to your old account and downloaded it. Search your PC for a pdf if you do not remember where you saved it. Search the entire C:


Enter in the search field PDF and you will get all your PDFs that you have saved


The problem is that I don't know when my account changed, I didn't change my account, that's why I don't have the keys. If I didn't open it how can it appear in the logs

Hi @vvarishayy

The big question for this applies to several who have not done anything with their account. That is one of the reasons why I have created the post Tron and PDF with keys. I hope @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 can provide information about it or others who can

Hi @xpilar

Is it possible to restore the TRON account when you have your PDF with keys.

yes, this is possible on both tronlink wallet extension and also steemitwallet/use the "link an existing tron account" button.

I also want to ask what might have happened when your own address on Tron in Steem Wallet does not match what you have on your own PDF with keys for Tron account

you can change that address to the tron address that you have the private key(use the "link an existing tron account" button for this) I hope you can find the private key of the tron address that currently display on your steemitwallet too, if not, change it immediately to tron address that you have the private key with you.

Great that you find a way to search for the pdf file that have the private key information. This useful. @vvarishayy you might want to check this post.

When the account or address is not visible in https://tronscan.org/#/
But PDF with keys is available. Do you know anything about that?

@xpilar Usually, if the account generated on the pdf with the private key, it should be visible on tronscan too. I don't know if the account created not visible on tronscan, maybe that account has some issue. Which tron address is not visible on tronscan? That is so strange, tron developers should know about this if that the case.

Yes @cryptokannon, they should know about this and that is one of the reasons why I bring this up here with PDF and keys in my post.

Here are some addresses that are not visible in tronscan







And my account that was while we were on the test network to the tron

Honestamente no he podido reclamar las recompensas de Tron...
No entiendo bien como se hace.

  • Descargué la app de Tron ✔️
  • Ingreso a mi wallet para tratar de crear la cuenta ✔️
  • Me lanza error.
  • Sigo teniendo la notificación de TRX pendientes por reclamar.
    ¿Hay algún post que explique paso a paso como se hace el registro?
    ¿Se puede hacer desde el celular o requiere de la PC?

It's only possible if you are a chrome user.

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