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My previous lease of 100000 SP has not been renewed and I am looking for a new lease of 100000 SP for 8 weeks to an APR of 12.92%


I also want to renew the agreement every 8 weeks. I hope I can rent everything from one person without splitting the amount.

My request for 100000 Steem Power has now been placed in the market


I hope you find what you are looking for.

I hope you find sp quickly.

Yes sir you need more sp for your commounity's members and steemains.
Hope you will find what you are looking for,go ahed sir,we always with you,have good day. @RESTEEMD


hi @xpilar

You need a very large Steem Power for the future, surely your goal is to help Steemian wider and more, after Steem Blockchain's birthday. so that steemians more creative show their art in the community.

I hope you, quickly get SP DELEGATION

hilsen @sultan-aceh

I also agree with you sir @sultan-aceh

yes, I hope there will be someone soon who will rent SP to me

Greetings @xpilar, I hope you get credit from the delegation, you have shown an excellent way of working to provide fair support.

As I told you before, I am looking for a strategy to support in your community, here I show you #SupportPlus


So good, I want to look at it right away

You are great person for me on Steemit

 2 years ago (edited)

Quien procede de buena fe en un determinado objetivo tiene como recompensa logros, y segura estoy que se abrirán las compuertas para que drenen bendiciones y lo anhelado cristalice.Amén.

Nice to hear, thanks @brismar

I hope you find someone to rent it to you.
I haven't participated in the last few challenges. I'll keep an eye out!
Success with your work

I pray that what is expected by @xpilar can be realized, because it will really help the community. As we have always felt @xpilar is very consistent in giving a vote to good posts in the world of xpilar community

Nice to hear, thanks @ericha

 2 years ago 

Hi @xpilar I know it could sometimes take longer to get such high amount of delegation but hopefully you will get it. I am resteeming you never know someone may see it :)

hope so, I'm just a little impatient

I hope you will find it soon. All the best @xpilar

I hope you'll get the power soon. Keep spirit

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