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My previous lease of 100000 SP has not been renewed and I am looking for a new lease of 100000 SP for 12 weeks to an APR of 14%


I also want to renew the agreement every 12 weeks.

Now I have divided the amount of the 100000 SP I will lease with 5000 SP x 20 and raised the interest rate to APR14%. And increased the time from 8 weeks to 12 weeks. It should provide more opportunity to sign a lease agreement with me

My request for 100000 Steem Power has now been placed in the market


Resteemd your post

Continue to have positive interactions here ... I will also appreciate it ....,, without interaction it's empty ...

Hopefully what you expect from is achieved @xpilar, we are very support you, especially since we are in the world of xpilar community, you always support our posts. And of course this will be of benefit to all of us.

Stay Safe and Greeting from Indonesia :)

Continue to have positive interactions here ... I will also appreciate it ....

Thanks @in-macro we start it now and always :)

 2 years ago (edited)

thank you

Very motivated I read this .. Amazing business arena with your steem ... Business street, people / members of WORLD OF XPILAR Helped. . May you continue to be blessed.

thank you

This is a fantastic gesture ... hopefully quickly connect with what is expected ...

thank you

 2 years ago 

I hope this works soon for you @Xpilar, I've seen Dlease account very active in newcomers posts. I know you will find a solution in a short time!!

I came to thank to you for your support for the Knitrias Project, I've been busy lately but I managed to publish the announcement almost in time according to the Roadmap. Thanks to your support and re-steem I'm sure it will gain more visibility and possible candidates!!

I've recently read @Sultan-Aceh story on Steem and get to know not only more about him but also about you!! Every day I'm more admired for your great presence in this blockchain!! I hope the best for your projects and community. I'm honored to be a Member!!

Big hug, much Joy and Light and thanks again, @Xpilar!!

Hi @leveuf

Yes, for now, the lease agreement has been filled up to 65%

Thank you for your kind words about me and I hope you will succeed with the Knitrias Project. But it's also about having patience with your project

 2 years ago 

Step by step, the project is walking, I've started the campaign and there's some answers, from candidates and from the Steemit initiatives. I'm happy and thinking that there's no rush. It´s better to enjoy the process!! I've been trying to planing my work in the world, being a theater teacher will be not easy in these online times for schools. I hope to figure a good way for finish the semester!! :)

I see that you have lot of material to participate, I'm going to check and put hands on work!! ;)

I send my best wishes, @Xpilar, hope everything important is fine for family and loved ones!

Sólo los Mejores Vientos!! :)

En la vida calculamos lo que mejor nos conviene:
sumamos, multiplicamos, pero también dividimos,
aritmética aplicamos,
pero cuando es necesario en dichas operaciones
tendemos a disminuir, o mejor dicho restamos.
Total…, optamos por lo mejor,
y bienvenida le damos.

thank you

Supporting with Resteem

thank you

We must insist and persevere to achieve what we want. Let us continue to insist until we achieve what we want, supported by resteem

thank you

As a loving follower of yours, I've reblogged this post

thank you

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