"Promo-Steem T-Shirts" will be made from @adeljose and his team @criollitos

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The project started with @sultan-aceh who has publicly presented his T-shirts in Aceh, Indonesia and now it is bearing fruit to another country with @adeljose and the team @criollitos in Venezuela.
To promote the Steem community.


@adeljose tells

At the moment we only make one product, but my idea is to give each of the team members @criollito's gratitude for their good work despite the difficulties they have encountered. But if the opportunity arises to increase production, we are willing to do so.

Image search @adeljose

Let's help them to Pomotere Steem community with T-shirts
They need to be sponsored in order to get a larger production.

Do you want to sponsor T-shirts?

Send Steem or SBD to @adeljose and write in the memo field
"Sponsor T-shirts"

By voting for this post, you also contribute to the project
50% rewards of what the post brings in goes to Project T-shirts


My Norwegian team and I are sponsors of the T-shirts project

Sponsor T-shirts.jpg



If you join the sponsorship, I will add you to the list of sponsors

Here you can read the whole post about project T-shirts from @adeljose

Image search @stephenkendal


The T-shirts ae a great idea.

The Steemit Team

yes @steemcurator01 it is a great idea and after @sultan-aceh started it all I think there will be many who will do the same to promote the steem community in their parts of the world :)

It's a good idea that started with @sultan-aceh, as @xpilar put it.

We will continue to work to publicize Steemit, and support @stephenkendal in this work. There will be a contest about it on Tuesday.

Hi @xpilar

yes .. I've read it in the @adeljose post blog
has done it in his country.

@sultan-aceh transfer 20 STEEM to @adeljose Sponsor T-shirts

I hope they do well there, and I will support them too
maybe to buy some screen printing material for clothes.

hilsen @sultan-aceh

Hi @sultan-aceh

Great that you are sponsoring the project

Thank you very much friend @sultan-aceh.

We are starting, little by little we are generating street advertising products to favor the Steemit ecosystem.

Grateful with your support.

By voting for this post, you also contribute to the project

Upvoted reesteemed best of luck @adeljose

So sorry due to powerup 100 % i don't have steem to support the production unfortunately

Hi @hassanabid
It is going well, there will be more such bags in the future

Cool i am also thinking to start doing the same in Pakistan as well .

What do you say ?

Yes, talk to your friends, create a project to promote the stem

It's a nice idea to begin this cool idea in Pakistan as well, i am also here to support you :)
Let's do it.
#onepercent #pakistan #affable

Thank you very much, my friend.

With your vote and resteemd you have given us an important support.

Not ? 😂😂😂🤭🤔🙈

Your support is always welcome, I had misspelled a word, sorry.

How do I get an order from Bangladesh?

I haven't received an Upvote on The Diary Game yet. If I could, I would organize T-shirt Contest for STEEM Promotion in Bangladesh.

Hi @mdshanto

explain it in more detail

I am trying my best for Steemit Promotion in Bangladesh. After reading your post, it seems that if I gift a T-shirt with Steemit logo to my friends in the surrounding districts, and at the same time organize a competition in my country's Community, then I am hopeful that Steemit Promotion is possible in my country very soon Meaning, I have fully participated in The diary game season-02 but have not received any Upvote of Steemcurator01, I will get the UPVOTE in a few days, then I will start working on Steem Promotion.

A post about my Steem promotion two days ago:https://steemit.com/hive-138339/@mdshanto/the-diary-game-24-09-2020-or-or-my-activities-or-or-happy-thursday-or-or-steem-promotion

Greetings friend @mdshanto.

Try to start with a marker of one color and cardboard, use the tools you have at hand, work on it and soon you will find the support. Show what you can do with your hands.

I wish you success, my friend.

Wow that's a great initiative, i would like to participate in such a brilliant idea. Ready to send some STEEM, but where should i send?
To @xpilar?
#onepercent #pakistan #affable

If you want to support the t-shirts project to @adeljose, send steem to @adeljose
And write that you have done so and I will add you to the list of sponsors

Have done that Sir.
That's a great Initiative. Keep it going :)


Added you as a sponsor, thank you for supporting @adeljose

I thought of it as a good initiative so just did my part :)
Best of luck :)

Thank you very much for your friendly support

It’s a very great idea. The design is also so good🤙

Thank you very much for the comment and support my friend.

Thank you very much for your support, friend @xpilar.

We will be on the move these days to get the shirts and start the printing.

If you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to make them.

Thanks again for your support.

Muy buena idea, Es una manera visible de hacer publicidad. En un futuro de seguro nosotros también nos animaremos

Wow! It's a very good innovative initiative👏👏🏼👍😍

The Promo-Steem T-Shirts a Amazing Work. I like it
Please explain more detail

Hai sir maaf komentar saya di luar topik, saya menulis beberapa kata untuk anda, dan saya menulisnya dalam bahasa Indonesia, dan jika anda memiliki waktu jangan lupa untuk membacanya dan saya sangat berterimakasih


Beautiful Project.

wow i suggested @steemitblog to increased This idea, when They started the compagin for the promotion of steem by T-shirts few week ago, and This is the best idea to promote steem. I hope They will start project at larger scale.

I would like give tribute to @adeljose on This effort. These kind of Project can push steem to shining future. Thanks for dear people who are sponcering This effort.

Felicidades @adeljose 🙏🏻 que sigan los éxitos 💪🏻💪🏻





吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


Resteem Post,
T-shirt is very beautiful. I have seen their post. T-shirt made very well. I liked it.

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